Mrs. Kim Jong Il Meets With the Hostages.

If you look closely, the man is on the left is blinking out S.O.S.

Manolo says, the postcard of the tyrant and those who are in her thrall.


Meanwhile, Down at the Malt Shop

Remember when billionaires were much more interesting people?

Manolo says, Archie and Jughead wait for Betty and the girls.


The Grey Ant Teva Stiletto; When Genetic Experiments Go Awry

Manolo says, The Teva-letto, it lives!

Grey Ant x Teva Stiletto Sandals

Here is the description from the people who have unleashed this monstrosity…

Teva, leader in the sport sandal industry is known for their innovation of performance products and advanced technologies in the footwear industry teamed up with Grey Ant, the two collide to bring you the best of both worlds.

If the Manolo might paraphrase: “Hey! You got peanut butter in my chocolate-covered-lutefisk!”

“But, Manolo, these sandals, they are so comfortable, I hardly notice that the demons that lives in the heels have compelled me to murder my family and bury their corpses in the azalea bushes along the fence.”

Astaroth has commanded that, this year, I plant Aunt Petunia.

Less monstrous than the Stella McCartney Birkenstiletto, yes or no?


The Deals of the Cyber Monday!

Manolo says, if you are intent upon doing part of your shopping from the comfort of your own computer, the Manolo has the

At the ShoeBuy, you may take 20% off of your entire purchase and get the free shipping if you enter the coupon code “KICKOFF”.

Blundstone 500 - Stout Brown

Perhaps it is time to finally buy those classic Blundstone 500 boots for your man?


At the you may take 20% off of your entire purchase by entering at the checkout the coupon code “CYBER”.

Perhaps you can reward your own hard work in the run-up to the holidays with new shoes. These beautiful and happy-making Pucci shoes are already discounted 60%, and you may reduce it another 20%!

The has the big discounts for the purchases, if you enter the coupon code “BIGEVENT” at the checkout.

Hunter Boots Verbier Wedge Boots with Lace Up Detail

Your daughter, the stylish one, might very well appreciate these wedge-heeled Hunter rain-boots with the lace-up details.

Of the course, many other retailers have the amazing Cyber Monday deals, retailers such as the Amazon, the Famous Footwear (coupon code “CYBER20”), the Soft Surroundings (coupon code “2211022”), the Brooks Brothers, and the Bluefly, also the Rock and Republic and the Kenneth Cole stores at the eBay.

Denis Multistrap Sandals from Christian Louboutin for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk six pounds fatter, several hundred dollars poorer, and heavily bruised about the head and the shoulders.

When did Thanksgiving, originally the simple feast of gratitude for the blessings of Divine Providence, become the PigBaconTurDuckenator of holidays, the portmanteau weekend into which we have stuffed the giant helium balloons, the professional footballing, and the nakedly opportunistic, four-day celebration of retail commerce?

Black Friday… it sounds like the curse, and is.

Of the course, these curmudgeonly thoughts occurred to you at 3:26 in the AM, on the Friday morning, as you were standing, number 41 in the line, waiting to enter the BestBuy store at 5AM to purchase the greatly discounted video game console.

Normally, you would seek to avoid such needless trauma.

But, unlike crafty Odysseus, you cannot fill the ears of your oarsmen with beeswax and lash yourself to the mast. And so when the Sirens of Commerce sing to you their sweet, sweet song, you grab the helm and drive your holiday budget onto the rocks of Scylla (as represented by the parking lot of the Galleria).

And to mix the Greekish metaphors, when the doors of the mall were opened, you rushed in, and were seized by the spirit of battle. You became as prideful Achilles at the gates of Troy.

Sing oh muses, of how your mighty handbag cut the swath of destruction, through Forever 21!

And, now, here it is Monday, and you are feeling the aftereffects of gluttony and hand-to-hand combat, the combination of heavy bruising, too-tight clothing, and the profound regret.

Look! Shoes!

Christian Louboutin Denis Multistrap Sandals

The Denis Multistrap Sandals from Christian Louboutin. Prizes that even scornful Agamemnon would dare not take from your hands.



Hasselhoff Follows the Manolo

Manolo says, ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

P.S. If the Manolo’s humble twittering is good enough for the magnificent David Hasselhoff, perhaps it might also be good enough for you.


Happy Birthday to the Maestro!

Manolo says, Happy Birthday to the Maestro Manolo Blahnik, whose miraculous birth occurred this day, in 1942.


Manolospheric Gift Guides

Manolo recites…

In the interwebs did the Manolo
Helpful gift guides decree
Where the Manolosphere ran
Through websites measureless to man
Down to the shopping sea.

Look! Holiday gift guides from…

Green Manolo

Crafty Manolo

Manolo Jewelry

Teeny Manolo

Manolo for the Brides

Manolo for the Home

More to come soon, including the Manolo’s own Super Fantastic Holiday Gift Guide!


Happy Thanksgiving, Part II

They said I should show up a little early to get dressed.

Manolo says, this bird, it seems so happy. Perhaps it knows something we do not.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Manolo says, today, as the Manolo gathers with his family and friends to give thanks for the many blessings Divine Providence has bestowed upon us, you may be certain, dear internet friends, that you will be counted among the chief of these blessings.

Have the Happiest of Thanksgivings!

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Susan Sarandon Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Susan Sarandon!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend, ChaChaHeels for being the first person to correctly identify this week’s personage of note.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?