Manolo the Columnist: Bet from Kate Spade New York

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I have been invited to attend my boyfriend’s company holiday party this year and am very excited because I’ve been told it is usually an extravagant and rollicking good time. Unfortunately, it takes place at the baseball stadium for our local professional team and while the invitation sets out a dress code of anywhere from cocktail to evening, it does also warn that in previous years, women wearing stilettos have had some problems walking around in the infield where apparently many of the activities take place. The invitation actually goes so far as to suggest ladies wear flats with their cocktail and evening dresses. I’m a reasonably tall girl who believes in maximizing my height wherever possible, so something inside me recoils at the suggestion of wearing flat shoes with whatever stunning party dress I come up with. My brilliant solution to this dilemma is to wear wedge heels to the party but I am a little concerned by the fact that wedges tend to have a more casual vibe and I am definitely looking for something sexy and glamorous in my shoe solution. Can you recommend some fabulous wedges worthy of building a holiday part outfit around?


Manolo says, as the Manolo’s friend has recognized, it is indeed difficult to find the wedge heel shoe that would be suitable for wearing to the formalish affair, even one at the baseball field, and which will most likely feature the peanuts, the crackerjacks and the feet-long sausages.

The problem with the wedge shoe is that it is inherently “funky”, having the lingering associations with the jitterbugging girls of the 1940s, and tie-dyed hippies of the 1960s, two groups whom one does not associate with the elegant soiree clothing.

And so, the Manolo would first recommend to his friend that she again consider wearing the flats shoe, for there are many, many sparkly-elegant ballet flats that could very easily meet her needs. However, if she persists in her desire to tower over others, perhaps she should try to stand on the pitcher’s mound, holding court from that elevated height. But, if this is not practical, here is the Bet from Kate Spade New York, the demi-wedge sandal in gold or silver that would be suitable in the pinch.

Bet from Kate Spade New York