The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.

From Manolo for the Home

In addition to being an obsessive reader, I’m also an obsessive book hoarder. As in, I have hundreds of books I will probably never read again, but I can’t bring myself to give them away or sell them or recycle them.


From Manolo for the Big Girl

There are few things I love more than a good potluck, because a good potluck is a blood sport in the South, and your covered-dish event can’t be considered a true success until someone cries, with extra points if someone gets tomato aspic –with homemade mayonnaise, of course– tossed at their head in a fit of pique.


From Crafty Manolo

It’s part graffiti, part Monty Python’s Hell’s Grannies, and all whimsical fun. What is it?


From Manolo Jewelry

Having one or two special, sparkly, lovely pieces stashed away for emergency events can make the difference between feeling confident and feeling invisible.


From Manolo for the Beauty

I would never have thought that someone as fair-skinned as she is could get away with wearing white and not look washed out, but she doesn’t look that way in the least.


From Manolo for the Brides

November 10 was a big day for fantasy writer Neil Gaiman.


From Manolo for the Men

“How good is your eye for famous men?”


From Manolo’s Food Blog

Then Andy would go off to Chock Full O’ Nuts and order a cream cheese and nut sandwich on date-nut bread just like he always did, and which is, if you think about it, quite respectable and delicious as long as you steer clear of cheap Chinese walnuts.


From Teeny Manolo

I liked this book so much that I bought it twice.


From Green Manolo

Advertised as a green option, reusable shopping bags can be a good alternative to paper or plastic, provided that you actually remember to bring them into the store every time you shop.


From Ayyyy!

Elsewhere on the red carpet we spy the increasingly dessicated Clémence Poésy, shown here wearing a lovely black lace gown accented with Jane Fonda’s old neck…