The FN Shoe Star!

Manolo says, coming soon, right after the first of the year, it is the FN Shoe Star! FN Shoe Star

The FN Shoe Star is the interwebs-based shoe design contest, the collaboration between the Footwear News, The Fashion Institute of Technology, and Brown Shoe, in which twelve young designers of the shoes compete to see who is the best.

For the readers of the Manolo with the long memories, they will perhaps remember the first incarnation of the FN Shoe Star, more than three years ago. The contest that was not as widely published as it should have been.

Here is the video in which we are catching up with the previous contestants, all of whom have done well in the shoe business..

This time, FN Shoe Star promises to be bigger and betterer and more well promoted, and indeed, they have even asked the humble shoeblogger Manolo to be one the official bloggers!

In his role as official blogger, the Manolo will provide amusing commentary on the episodes as they appear and help guide his internet friends to things that merit their attention, such as this contest in which Brown Shoe is giving away the $250 gift certificate.

And so, the Manolo asks you to stay tuned in the month of January for the reincarnation of FN Shoe Star, as it is certain to be both exciting and entertaining.