Gift Guides from the Manolosphere

Manolo says, at the risk of sounding perhaps too commercial, allow the Manolo to ease your shopping burden by suggesting that you look at some of the shopping guides put together by the Manolo and his Manolospheric friends.

Deals for Crafty People on Your List
A Stylish Gift for a Stylish Person
Manly Gifts for Manly Men

The Gift List for the Beauty Lovers in Your Life.

10 Easy Holiday Gifts for the Home
Green Gifts For Everyone on the List

10 Green Gifts Under $10

La Petite Acadienne’s Fantasy Chrismakwanzikah

La Petite Acadienne’s Reality-Based Chrismakwanzikah

Manolo’s Super Fantastic Gifts for the Men!

Classic Toy Recommendations for 2010

New Toy Recommendations for 2010

Manolo’s Super Fantastic Gifts Under $60!

Eight Holiday Gifts for the Bride and Groom

At the Manolo for the Big Girl, our friend Miss Plumcake is entertaining us with ‘Tis the Season… the Advent-long series of gift guides for every type of person.

‘Tis The Season for the Classicist

‘Tis The Season for the Preppy Girl

‘Tis The Season for the Punk Rawk Girl

‘Tis The Season for the French Foodie