Super Fantastic Last Minute Gifts for the Home

Manolo says, yes, we are in final countdown to day of celebration, but there is still just barely the time to obtain the few things with which to delight the ones you love.

Swissmar Noirmont Fondue Set

“Please, Manolo, the fondue set” you are perhaps saying, “This is not 1963. We have moved beyond this.”

“Nonsense,” would answer the Manolo. This is not the mere fondue set, to be filled with melted Velveeta into which you will dunk the stale Wonder bread and the slices of red delicious. This is the Noirmont Cast Iron Meat Fondue Pot from Swissmar in which you will astound your friends by preparing the hearty Fondue Bourguignon, the convivial and satisfying aprés ski meal, of the sort the Manolo has enjoyed in Alpine hotels, after his more adventurous friends return from the slopes.

Highbury Table Cloth, Strawberries

The Manolo has found through long experience, that the happy tablecloth is one of the best reasonably priced gifts to give the family of your acquaintance. It cheers the home and warms the heart, and if well chosen, will be the frequent reminder of the respectful affection you have for your friends.

BIA Cordon Bleu Dessert Plates

Yet another cheerful gift that would be welcomed by any hostess is the BIA Cordon Bleu Cheese Plates. Just right for informal little soiree.

White Sturgeon Caviar from California

OF the course, if you wish to bring something most extravagant, then please allow the Manolo to suggest, sustainably grown caviar from California. Yes, it is not Beluga or Sevruga, but then you do not have to worry that your precious caviar dollars are going to support Russian gangsters and/or Iranian mullahs intent on denuding the Caspian Sea of life.