Manolo Social Media

Manolo says, the Manolo politely reminds you that he maintains the online presence on several of the most modern social media platforms. For the example…

Manolo on Facebook

You may find the Manolo on the Facebook, where he would be most kind to greet you as one of his special friends.

Likewise, the Manolo shares some of his more ephemeral thoughts through out each day at his Twitter feed, to which you may wish to subscribe.

Additionally, the Manolo has recently started the Tumblr thing, to which he sometimes posts the pictures and quotations that capture his fancy.

And, finally, the Manolo is working to revive his moribund Super Fantastic Newsletter, which he hopes will eventually send out the weekly news about the Manolo, together with coupons, bargains, announcements, and contests. Naturally, the Manolo would be enormously pleased if you would consider subscribing to these email updates.