The Manolo Does Not Have the Heart to Mock

Britney Spears and Jayden Federline

Manolo says, this is part of what the Manolo meant when he said it is the Tuesday in January and the news of the world is depressing. The Manolo was going to make gentle fun of the Britney Spears for wearing these ridiculous boots (whose provenance the Manolo does not care to know), but then he saw this pathetic picture below…

Britney Spears is Sad

Certainly, if he stretched his faculties, the Manolo could probably say something sharp tongued and funny. But he will not, do so.

Those who are pitiable should not be mocked.

At this point, the entire Britney Spears saga has become too depressing to mock. Here is the beautiful young woman who has not been given the opportunity or level-headed guidance needed to grow into successful adulthood. She was corrupted by early fame, destroyed by having her basest impulses catered to, and exploited by those who benefited from her talent, and now she has become pitiable. And the Manolo will renew his previous pledge to not mock her.