Mr. Henry on the Tiger Mother

Manolo says, our friend, Mr. Henry jumps out of the frying pan

When the Tiger Mother starts chewing her cubs, the larger question is why doesn’t the father of the house step in to restore sanity? What sort of father today cedes all child-rearing authority to his wife?


The FN Shoe Star Begins! Episode One!

Manolo says, the Manolo is excited to see that the first episode of the second season of the Footwear News Shoe Star is now on-line and available for all of his internet friends to view!

If you loves the shoes and the Project-Runway-type, reality-shows which mostly place the premium on actual design talent rather than witless drama, then you will enjoy the FN Shoe Star, which is the web-based reality show, sponsored by the Brown Shoe, in which the young aspiring designers compete to become the FN Shoe Star.

Black-Eyed Pea Fergie hosts the FN Shoe Star

FN Shoe Star: Fergie is the Host!

And now, before the Manolo makes his comments, he encourages you to go watch the first episode. It is only eleven minutes in the length and will give you the context needed to understand and appreciate what the Manolo has to say.

{The Manolo waits patiently, and yet also eagerly, for the return of his friends….}

What you watched was the was the first half of the two-part auditions episode in which the Footwear News editors, led by the handsomely dour Michael Atmore, pick the six finalists to continue with the competition.

For the Manolo, the worst part was that the episode ended too soon, just as the Manolo was becoming fully engaged. Yes, we live in the era of the short attention spans, but twenty or twenty-five minutes would have been the exactly right amount.

Other than this small quibble, the Manolo was pleased. The focus thus far has been on the shoes, and the discussions of the design thoughts in the heads of the young (very young!) designers-to-be.

As for the shoes, they were somewhat underwhelming. Most were pedestrian and not especially original, and in more than one case did not appear to be especially well-made.



Jimmy Choo Cutout Suede Ankle Boots for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are back at your desk thinking that now is the winter of your discontent, not made glorious summer by these Jets of York, and all the clouds are lour’d upon your house.

But then that is what you get for being the fan of professional football…the months’ long build up of excitement and hopefulness, ended by the bitter disappointment of being tossed from the playoffs just before the Bowl of Superness.

Unless, of the course, it is your team that has won, in which case, it is exaltation and joy and wedges of plastic cheese to wear upon your thick noggin, or perhaps the tacky towel of terribleness to frantically wave as if you were signaling the rescue plane.

But, no, your team is not to be counted among the potential champions this season, meaning that this day, today, not last Monday, is indisputably the saddest day of the year.

What is needed now to ease the pain are shoes, beautiful shoes such as these…

Jimmy Choo Cutout Suede Ankle Boot

The Jimmy Choo Cutout Suede Ankle Boot, the sort of boot that could make the person forget all about the stout men in tight pants who play silly games with prolate spheroids.