Shoe Love: The Pop-Up Book!

Manolo says, the publishers of this new book, Shoe Love: In Pop-Up, were kind enough to send the Manolo the review copy, and all the Manolo can say is, Super Fantastic!

This is the perfect sort of the book to give to the person who loves the shoes and enjoys the whimsy, which is the very apt description of the Manolo and many of his internet friends. It is visually witty, enjoyably well-written, and reasonably priced, under $20, and so it would be the excellent little something-something to send to someone in need of the cheering up.

Shoe Love: In Pop-Up

Shoe Love: In Pop-Up... Super Fantastic!

Of the course, the shoe-based pop-up book would also be something one would enjoy having for oneself. Indeed, this book now occupies the prominent place on the coffee table of the Manolo.