FN Shoe Star Rebecca Taylor Challenge Sneak Peak

Manolo says, this past week the FN Shoe Star unveiled the first challenge for the six contestants.

In this challenge, they were introduced to the designer Rebecca Taylor, shown her latest collection, and then given ten minutes to sketch the shoe for that collection.

Now, although there is no video for this week, the FN Shoe Star peoples are running the contest for the fans of the series to pick the best of these sketches and possibly win the $250 gift certificate from the Shoes.com.

In general, the quality of the sketches was not bad, although the Manolo would have enjoyed seeing what colors and materials the designers would have chosen.

However, having said that, here is the Manolo’s favorite of the six…

Shannons Sketch for FN Shoe Star

But now, you must go and pick your favorite and enter to win the $250 prize.