New Shoes from the Abel Muñoz

Elizabeth Pump from Abel Muñoz

Manolo says, the Manolo’s shoe designer friend, Abel Muñoz has just sent the Manolo his look book for the coming season.

What the Manolo loves about these shoes is that they are so elegant and restrained. Here is the description for the new collection.

His handmade collections are influenced by time spent at a number of ateliers in Milan and the artisinal work of shoe designers in the 1930s and 1940s prior to the introduction of worldwide mass industrial production.

The current collection is inspired by the classic silver screen’s female stars.

Betty from Abel Muñoz

These are very fun shoes with more than the little bit of style and class.


Repulsive Little Fashion Troll, Part 3

Manolo says, not everyone agrees that the Galliano was the genius.

I can’t imagine why people think this troll is so very talented. He’s been taking old, dead, has-been ideas, exaggerating them to cartoon ridiculousness, staging them with massive amounts of corporate money, and justifying them with post-modern pseudo-intellectual claptrap. Galliano’s b.s. has stunk for some time now. Maybe his most recent troll behavior will force people to realize he’s not all that, and never was. In fact, if the old French houses had any brains, they’d dump posers like Galliano and embrace the 21st century. Instead, they remain mired in a ironic nostalgia, as if that were still hip! Meh– it’s not “transgressive,” it’s not even modern. It’s just a boring pastiche of the past, designed by a crew of creepy drunks and junkies– who seem to hate themselves, their jobs, and their customers!

The Manolo does not agree with this, but the stridency of the comment and the fluid manner in which it was expressed made the Manolo laugh.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?