Prada Wingtip Espadrilles…for the Men?

Manolo says, apparently, today is unusual men’s wingtip day. From the Iz Andrew’s Blog comes news of the Prada Wingtip Espadrilles.

Prada Wingtip Espadrille

Colorful Shoes for Childish Peoples!

Prada Wingtip Espadrilles in Black

Wear to Your Next Starbuck's Job Interview!

On the one of the hands, if you were the woman, these shoes would be the fun, funky, fabulous thing.

On the other of the hands, if you were the man, you would be better off investing your 500 Euros in the new combination Forever Lazy Home Brewing System.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s friend, the Nancy


Manolo the Columnist: James Wingtip from Frye

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My husband is the owner of a very large (well, 13) pair of feets. I want him to buy one of those new pairs of casual, weathered wingtips, but am having a hard time finding them in his hugenormous size. He also keeps telling me they are dorky, so I would like to convince him that he won’t look like a tool when he wears them. Help!


Manolo says, to the Manolo, who believes that one should take great care of the shoes, with the frequent polishing and the regular treeing, and who finds pleasure in the process of restoring the elderly shoe to the state of newness, the rise to fashionability of the pre-weathered shoes for the men is puzzling.

The Manolo wonders, like the husband of the Niffy, why would one wish to look like the hobo when one is not the hobo? Or, more accurately, why would one wish to look like the dorky tool, when one is suavely untoolish?

But, like the weather, the fashion is unpredictable. One minute you are pushing the sleeves of your pastel Miami Vice jacket up the forearms, and the next it is hailing. And, just as one cannot change the weather, one cannot change the currents of fashion. One can only complain about the conditions and dress appropriately.

Here is the James Wingtip from Frye in the distressed brown. It is of decent quality and reasonable price, and available in the ginormous size 13.
James Distressed Wingtip from Frye