Dillon from Michael Kors for the Day after the Day of St. Patrick

Dillon from Kors by Michael Kors

Manolo says, because of the the green beer and Bushmills, which you consumed to excess last evening, you would rather forget about the Dia del San Patricio, but the Manolo cannot help himself. When he saw these green shoes from the Michael Kors he wanted to show them to you.

Spring is coming! Think green!

The Weekly Deals

Manolo says, elsewhere in the Manolosphere, at the Manolo for the Big Girls, Miss Plumcake has the round up of bargains, and at the Manolo for the Beauty, Glinda has found the variety of excellent deals.

Getting the ‘Drille

N.B. Today, our dear friend, the always amusing Miss Cavendish, talks the espadrilles.

I became intrigued by espadrilles when I visited Cuba, a number of years ago.

There to experience the island’s university system, I spent an evening at the Hotel Armadores de Santander, a grand hotel in old Havana.  In the morning, I opened the French doors that led to a pink-tiled deck overlooking the Malecón. 

A previous guest had forgotten—or left behind—her sky-blue espadrilles; they sat contentedly under a table, all sun-and-salt-water bleached beauty.

What was so appealing about this humble mix of cotton canvas and jute?  Exactly that: the simplicity of design, the thoughtful color, and the fact that the espadrilles had been much loved (or much worn, at the least; they were abandoned).

This spring, designers have been in a flurry as they reimagine the classic espadrille, with looks that range from pretty to the truly eccentric. 

Here’s the “Tahiti espadrille pump” from Dior, which seems to be a fancy drink umbrella and shoe all in one;


The “cage” espadrille by Yves Saint Laurent;


Lanvin’s ballet-inspired “French” espadrille, in satin;


Kate Spade’s “Lido,” which conjures happy visions of bathing huts at the beach, or perhaps the stripes on Tadzio’s sweater in Death in Venice;


Tory Burch’s version, with her ubiquitous logo.  If I could coin a portmanteau, I might call it toobiquitous;


Ralph Lauren’s winning platform ankle wrap in a neutral tobacco;


a classic picnic-blanket version from Castaner, the Spanish company that has been making espadrilles since 1927;


the Tamariu tie espadrilles, worn to spectacular effect by Penelope Cruz in Volver (remember the from-the-beneath-the-bed shot?);


and this curious inclusion from Bergdorf Goodman’s website.  Made by Prada, this “espadrille” reflects neither the traditional espadrille materials nor design.  I call it the “ugly ’drille-ing.” (It’s more macaw than swan, though.)


My favorite espadrille remains the classic model, made in either Spain or France, without embellishment—the kind that can be kicked off at the beach or worn in town. 

Which model would gentle readers choose as the winner of their “Espy” award?


Manolo the Columnist: Glint Vanessa Nude Sandal

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo

I’ve just been told that the upcoming July wedding I’m a bridesmaid in will require me to wear nude instead of silver shoes. As a bridesmaid, I’m not about to complain but I can’t find a cute 2 to 3 inch nude sandal anywhere. All I see are pumps and that just won’t do for a July wedding! The bridesmaid dress was pretty pricey so I’d really like to keep the shoe budget low. Please help!


Manolo says, the Manolo is always happy to hear from someone who understands that the traditional role of the bridesmaid is roughly that of the floral arrangements on the tables. They are window dressing and decoration, or to be more precise, together with the groomsmen, the bridesmaids comprise the sort of framing device for the happy couple, of moderate importance, but by no means strictly necessary.

Too often, the Manolo hears from the bridesmaids who relentlessly complain about the unflattering cut and color of the dress they are asked to wear. “Manolo,” they shout, “the bride has asked us to wear the full-skirted orange dresses that makes us look like the traffic cones!”

To which the Manolo can only reply, “it is not your decision. Make your friend happy and wear them in the best humor you can muster.”

Happily, nude is the color of the seaon for the shoes, and there are many options available. Here is the attractive nude Glint “Vanessa” Sandal available at the Nordstroms for the reasonable price.

Glint Vanessa Nude Sandal