Gary Busey Looks Terrible

Courtney Love Hit So Hard

It’s not all too shocking that famous rocker/notorious train wreck Courtney Love showed up looking like insane person Gary Busey to the premiere of ‘Hit So Hard’ in NYC this week. (An appropriately titled movie premiere, no?)

Courtney Love train wreck

You know how some photographers will post pictures of celebrities mid-sneeze or blinking to give the illusion that they are on drugs? Well in this case I think Courtney Love is just really on drugs.

Courtney’s former band Hole recently announced that they were getting back together and going on tour, so perhaps she is self medicating because she has to hear her band’s terrible music during rehearsals (actually ‘Malibu‘ was a catchy tune). Either way, the entire look is bad.

Courtney Love with Hole

The too long pencil skirt, the overdone pearl and diamond embellishments on her blouse, she looks like an insane homeless person who killed a librarian and child beauty pageant contestant for their clothes. “Oh make me over” indeed!