Manolo the Columnist: Cole Haan Air Cynthia Mid-Heel

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’ s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

After way too many years commuting from a far-flung suburb, I’m moving to downtown D.C. Well, almost…Mt. Pleasant. It’s a comfortable, 20-30 minute walk from my office downtown, and I’d like to stroll to work most days this summer. However, I don’t want to be one of those frumpistas who tromps to work in workout shoes or — the horror — flip flops! What do you suggest?


Manolo says, ayyyyy! Walking in the city is one the Manolo’s favorite entertainments! Indeed, the Manolo spends the hour or two each afternoon strolling through the streets, tipping his hat to the ladies, saying good afternoon to the gentlemen, stopping occasionally at the sidewalk café for the cappuccino, or the tiny glass of Campari.

Walking is the civilized and civilizing activity. It forces us to slow down and consider our surroundings, to politely acknowledge the fellow humans with whom we share the sidewalks. Walkers do not suffer from the road rage, the particular scourge of the automotive commuters, the malady brought on by the confining and isolating nature of our cars.

Walking is to driving as the tipped hat is to the flipped bird.

Of the course, when the Washington summer finally and fully arrives, one may be tempted on the hottest and most humid days to retreat to the air-conditioned comfort of the car. Resist, dear friends, enjoy the season first hand by walking!

Here is the Cole Haan Air Cynthia Mid Sandal, the mid-heel espadrille that would keep you cool and comfortable on those pleasant strolls from Mt. Pleasant.

Cole Haan Air Cynthia Mid Sandal