Manolo the Columnist: Ripple Metallic Sandals from Jimmy Choo

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

What would you recommend for the junior associate at a law firm in the District to make her feel better about her life choices during those 10 or so hours a week when she’s not breaking her back at work? You know, something fun and feminine that reminds her that she’s not just a paperwork machine?


Manolo says, unfortunately, the life of the junior lawyer is not as glamorous as the various television courtroom dramas have led us to believe.

Instead of the tense cross-examination of hostile witness, complete with the frequent shouting of the word “Objection!,” most young lawyers spend their days and nights searching stacks of obtuse legal documents for the stray commas.

It is the tediously boring, labor-intensive work, which must be performed with great accuracy, as the other side will have their own army of young lawyers doing exactly the same thing.

Indeed, the work is so demanding and the pressure so intense that one associate in California recently died at her desk from exhaustion, overworked by the demands of her job.

At the least, the job is moderately well-paid, even if one has little time to spend the paycheck, which is why the Manolo recommends the Ripple Metallic Leather Sandals from the Jimmy Choo. Beautiful and elegant, these shoes are too fancy to wear to work, which is the whole point, yes?

Ripple Metallic Sandals from Jimmy Choo