Dior Platform Sandals for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk working away for the Man, doing that which must be done so that you will not find yourself living in the culvert under the highway out by the dog pound.

Although, sometimes, you think that, compared to the daily grind, the life of the hobo might be preferable. How much easy life would be if it was just you, your battered top hat, your handkerchief bindle, and maybe the scruffy, little Benjy dog for the companion.

You would be the member of the Noble Brotherhood of the Open Road, enjoying rustic possum stew cooked in the old coffee can, shared with people named Stinky Phil, Ollie Jim, and Boxcar Pete. Such simple fellowship, with no bosses, no deadlines, no mortgage payments to worry about.

Unlimited freedom would be yours for the taking, as long as you could avoid the railroad bulls, and not get crushed by the errant grain car.

But, then you think about having to wear the comically down-at-the heels old boots instead of beautiful shoes, and you come to your senses.

Dior Chain-Embellished Tejus-Print Suede Platform Sandal in MelonDior Chain-Embellished Tejus-Print Suede Platform Sandal in Natural

Here is something to make you feel better about your workday, the Dior Chain-Embellished Tejus-Print Suede Platform Sandal.