Cadillac, Cadillac, Long and Dark, Shiny and Black

Prada Tail Fin Wedge SandalPrada Tail Fin Wedge Sandal

Manolo says, Ayyyy! it is the hot-rodding Prada Tail Fin Wedge sandals! Clearly our muse Miuccia has had the very specific influence: the 1959 Cadillac, with the bullet taillights!

1959 Cadillac Tail Fins, inspiration for Prada Shoes

The Apotheosis of Tail Fin!


Wide Sandals for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you have just spent the entire weekend looking for the Wide fitting shoes for your teenaged daughter, who although the otherwise tall, slim, delicate creature, has inexplicably taken after your husband in the matter of the feet size. She wears the American size 10 EEE, which although neither the biggest nor the widest, still makes her feel very self-conscious.

“Oh, cheer up, honey,” you said as you drove her to the West Woodfield Corner Galleria Center Mall, “I’ve heard that Paris Hilton wears a size eleven.”


Oh, how soon yesterday’s reality trash is taken out to the mental curb.

“Oh, no one. Hey, you know who else has really big feet? Uma Thurman.”


“Yes. She wears a size eleven, too.”

“Woah,” says your eleven-year-old son from the backseat, “those are HUGE feet, almost half the size of yours, Godzilla.”

“Shut up, Dorkwad,” replied your daughter, halfheartedly.

Sadly, your outing was unsuccessful. It is so difficult to find fun, girly shoes in the larger sizes that are not prohibitively expensive. (Although you said nothing to your daughter, you are worried that her feet are still growing!)

So, this morning as you sit at your desk, wading through the email announcements of unexpected lottery winnings and earnest requests to help the sons of deposed dictators launder money, you know that you must go to the internet to solve this problem.

Look! Here is the perfectly affordable pair of the flirty, fun, fuchsia, wide-fitting sandals.

Grazia Fuchsia Flower Sandal

Or, from the Joanna Hope, the EEE-sized, blingy toe-post sandals that are both cute and sufficiently girly.

Joanna Hope Toe Post Sandals

And so you send the text message to your precious little miss with the big feets, giving her the links so she can look at these sandals.

Five minutes later you get back the following message: “I <3 those. Their GR8!!!!" Success!