Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Cleva from Donald Pliner

Cleav Cork Sandal from Donald Pliner

Manolo says, here is most super fantastic bargain, the hotty-hot, with-it, cork sandal, the Cleva from Donald Pliner. It is reduced 75% from the usual price! The savings of nearly $300 of the American dollars!

Shoe Personalities: Super Birki White Flowers

N.B. Manolo says, because psychologists have proven what we already know, that shoes reflect the traits of those who wear them, the Manolo challenged his internet friends to say what sort of people would wear three different shoes. This shoe below is the second of three.

Number 2:
The Birki’s Super Birki White Flower Clogs.

Super Birki White Flower Clog

Your name is Joyce, and you are the grandmother of three wonderful “grandbabies”, named Tyler, Braxton, and Kody, by your daughter Linda, the stay-at-home mom/part-time beauty consultant. (Your son, the disappointing Jerry, has not yet settled down at 38, the life of the beer truck driver apparently being unconducive to long term relationships.)

You and your husband Ron are both recently retired. You from 30 years as the relief school bus driver, Ron after 36 years down at the waste treatment facility, where he ended his career as the assistant supervisor.

Now you are ready to really live!

To that end you have purchased the lightly-used, 32 foot, Fleetwood Motorhome which you plan on using to tour this great nation of ours, from the sea to the shining sea! Just you and Ron, and your two Pekinese, Lucy and Ricky.

People do not generally know this about you, but you have the wild-child side, which sadly, now mostly expresses itself in the dishes you take to the potluck church socials, dishes such as Chickpea and Roasted Pepper Salad, and Tater Tot à la Bankok.

P.S. Shoe personality Number 1


Overly Attached Girlfriend

Manolo says, alternately hilarious and horrifying.

I Can Haz Orange

Carven 2012 Resort

Manolo says, Please, M. Henri, may I keep it. I am so very hungry.


Internet Famous!

Manolo says, apparently, the Manolo is famous in Romania!

Cel mai celebru blogger anonim al momentului este „Manolo the Shoe Blogger“. Nimeni nu ştie cum arată, de unde vine sau ce vârstă/culoare are dar se presupune că este latino-american. A mărturisit într-un interviu că a locuit în Argentina şi îşi încheie e-mail-urile cu „Besos“. Manolo, oricine ar fi el cu adevărat, a reuşit să-şi construiască un personaj hazliu de tip bufon care nu-i va plictisi prea curând pe miile de cititori strânşi din 2004 încoace. Marca sa înregistrată: folosirea articolului hotărât „the“ în faţa numelor de persoane şi vorbirea la persoana a treia singular. Este cu siguranţă unul dintre cei mai vânaţi bloggeri anonimi din lume.

The Manolo has only the most limited idea what is actually being said, still, it is nice to be recognized by kindly peoples in distant places, no?

And look! There were also the few paragraphs about the Manolo, last year, in the Forbes Romanian edition.

Ayyyyy! The Manolo says, to all of his Romanian internet friends, Salut!

Shoe Personalities: Zanotti Platform Sandals E20274

Manolo says, yesterday, the Manolo reported on the new study which revealed that which was already known, that the shoes say much about the wearers.

At the end of the article, the Manolo challenged his internet friends to say what sort of person would be suitable to each of the three very different shoes. Because the Manolo’s internet friends are the smart and witty bunch, there were many good answers left in the comments section.

But now, allow the Manolo to tell you exactly what sort of person wears this…

Number 1:
The E20274 Platform Sandal from Giuseppe Zanotti.

Giuseppe Zanotti E20274 Platform Sandal

Your name is Madison, but you go by Bambi. You are five feet ten inches tall, blonde, and have the surgically enhanced 38DDD bosom, and you are from Crawfordsville, IN, although you like to hide this last fact.

At the moment, you are “dating” the son of the oil sheikh named Samir who has the degree in finance from Arizona State University. You say “dating” because, while it is fun flying in the private jet with the zebra-leather interior to Monaco and Dubai and Singapore, you know that this relationship is not really going anywhere, indeed you suspect that Sam already has the first wife, if not the second wife, back home in Kuwait. But you keep these suspicions to yourself, because, well, because the last time you were in the Abu Dhabi, at the Mall of the Emirates, you went shoe shopping with Samir’s Black Card, and these Zanotti platform sandals were part of haul you brought back to the royal suite.

But maybe, sometimes, you think, it might not be worth it.

Sometimes, in those few minutes when Samir has stepped away from the VIP lounge, and you’re waiting for the waiter to deliver the next bottle of Dom Perignon, you wonder what comes next, and if you could ever really go home.

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Joan Rivers Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Joan Rivers!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend, the Carole, who was the first to correctly identify this week’s annoying celebrity of note.