Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Briller from Pour La Victoire

Briller from Pour La Victoire, NudeBriller from Pour La Victoire, Silver

Manolo says, here is the stunning, stiletto-heeled cage sandal, the Briller from Pour La Victoire, that would perfectly offset your little dress of blackness, for that fancy evening out on the town. Mira! It is deeply on the sale, 70% off of the regular price, selling for less than $50!


Shoe Personalities: Phluff Daddy from O’Neill

N.B. Psychologists have proven what we already know, shoe tell us much about the wearer

Phluff Daddy from O'Neill

The Phluff Daddy from O’Neill, $18.

Your name is Kenny. Not Kenneth, Kenny, and you own only four pairs of the long pants, two of them blue jeans.

Your best friend in the whole world is the chocolate lab named Bo, who wears the red bandanna around his neck, limps from the little bit of doggy arthritis, and is the sort of chick magnet (although he seems to mostly draw only single-mom divorcees who work in diners, and college girls studying recreation science).

You spend most of your time riding your mountain bike around town, reading undergraduate philosophy books, or hanging out at the indie coffee shop downtown, talking to college girls who are studying recreation science.

You’re 36-years-old and you’ve never left this town. Why should you? You were born here, went to school here, and graduated from college here (English, ’98). You even live in the tiny, two-bedroom house your grandmother left you up in the Avenues, stretching out that legacy into infinity (if you can keep your expenses down).

Some mornings, while you’re eating your bacon and eggs in the harvest-yellow kitchen with the avocado green stove, you look at the newspaper and think that maybe you should sell that house and get out of that town.

But then Bo hobbles in and puts his nose on your bare leg beneath your cargo shorts, and you think “Not yet, boy. Now while you’re still around.”


The Saddness of Ms. Jenner, Your 7th Grade Girls Gym Teacher

Manolo says, she was such the nice lady, the bit rough around the edges and liked to yell, yes, but fundamentally nice. And she could throw the softball! Ayyy! Like the cannon!

But then she got involved in the complicated relationship with this horrible overbearing person

I think we know who the 'man' is in this relationship.

With the screaming, and the manipulating, and the awful horrible children from the previous relationship. And frankly, the Ms. Jenner, she was the simple lady who liked sports, k.d. lang, and the occasional beer. She does not need all this drama queen nonsense.

Now, whenever you see her at your daughter’s school, she looks like she’s ready to break out in tears…

Will somone please give Bruce a hug.

And you just want to give her the hug, and tell her ditch that manipulative woman. But you cannot, because it is none of your business. So you keep your mouth shut and hope for the best.

P.S. For reference purposes..



Callie T-Strap Sandal from Jimmy Choo for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are back at your desk, and frankly, “discontent” does not even begin to describe it.

You had such the nice weekend. The neighbors at the end of the bloc, Bob and Karen, came over for the cookout on Saturday evening. They are so nice, and the weather was perfect. You had some little canapé things from Trader Joe’s, gin and tonics, potato salad, and Gary made the best St. Louis style ribs on the grill. Best of all, for whatever reason, the normally ravenous mosquitoes of late June, which usually come down like the wolves upon the fold, largely left you alone.

And the whole time, you thought to yourself: this is what life is really about, warm weather, convivial conversation, good food, fine drinks, and few invasive pests. What more do we really need?

And now, today, you had to go back to the corporate salt mine; loading your 16 tons of data into the computer on your desk, and what do you get?


Look! Shoes!

Callie T-Strap Sandal from Jimmy Choo

If the dramatic Callie T-Strap Sandal from the Jimmy Choo cannot take your mind off of your first-world problems, nothing can.