The Saddness of Ms. Jenner, Your 7th Grade Girls Gym Teacher

Manolo says, she was such the nice lady, the bit rough around the edges and liked to yell, yes, but fundamentally nice. And she could throw the softball! Ayyy! Like the cannon!

But then she got involved in the complicated relationship with this horrible overbearing person

I think we know who the 'man' is in this relationship.

With the screaming, and the manipulating, and the awful horrible children from the previous relationship. And frankly, the Ms. Jenner, she was the simple lady who liked sports, k.d. lang, and the occasional beer. She does not need all this drama queen nonsense.

Now, whenever you see her at your daughter’s school, she looks like she’s ready to break out in tears…

Will somone please give Bruce a hug.

And you just want to give her the hug, and tell her ditch that manipulative woman. But you cannot, because it is none of your business. So you keep your mouth shut and hope for the best.

P.S. For reference purposes..

Young Bruce Jenner, pre-plastic surgery

Ms. Jenner was mighty fine back in the day