John Travolta’s Hairpiece Wishes You Good Morning

N.B. Manolo says, the special guest poster today is John Travolta’s Hairpiece.

Feel the passion.

Forget about that gabagul kiss with Kelly last night at the Savages premiere and take a peep at me, the real star of the show…

John Travoltas hair, luxurious, like a sable pelt.

Damn, I look good on that man’s head. Go-od. Luxurious, like a freaking sable pelt, know what I’m saying?

Course, I should look good. I ain’t some cheap rug, you know. It’s $8000 for a hair system like me, but Johnny, he spares no expense, goes first class all the way.

Yeah, okay, old Johnny’s having a bit of a rough spot now. I ain’t gonna go into it, being as me and Johnny, we go way back, but you know what I’m talking about.

But fuggedaboutit, Johnny’s a fighter, he’ll get through this, specially since I’m there with him.

What’s that you saying, Johnny don’t need me? He can do it on his own? .

Lemme tell you something. Lest you forget, I’m what made Johnny Travolta what he is…

John Travolta, au naturale

Bada-Boom! Yeah, feel the love now, biotch. Vinny Barbarino, bald.

Imagine that chrome dome in some close-up clinch with Jessica Biel or Scarlet Johanssen.

Nah, it ain’t happening. Johnny needs me if he’s gonna remain a viable leading man.

Hey, it’s been fun. I gotta run now. I’m having lunch with Billy Bob’s hairpiece at the Grill in the Alley. Real hillbilly, but a standup guy, know what I mean? Makes me laugh.