Four Seymour Troy Shoes

Manolo says, At the Manolo’s Pinterest, he has been pinning many pictures of the historical shoes, and so now he wishes to share with you some of the things that have caught his fancy, in this case, the shoes of the Seymour Troy, one of the first famous America fashion shoe designers, famous starting in the 1920s and continuing on through the early 1960s.

Seymour Troy Button Strape Suede Pump

The first shoe, above, is this dramatic Seymour Troy button-strap suede pump, dated to the circa 1929. To the Manolo, this shoe looks totally wearable in the present day, and is probably more comfortable than you would imagine.

Seymour Troy Rhinestone Sandal

Here is the Seymour Troy rhinestone pump from 1933, ayyyy! Super fantastic!

Seymour Troy Slingback Pump, 1942

The perfect example of World War II fashion, this Seymour Troy slingback pump dates from 1942, and uses plastic laces in its construction because of the rationing.

Seymour Troy Print Pumps, 1947

Finally, it is 1947, and you are exuberantly celebrating the triumph of democracy with these Seymour Troy pink, print pumps, with the crazy happy design.