Happy Birthday to the David Hasselhoff

Manolo shouts,

Happy Birthday to David Hasselhoff!

On this day in 1952, the magnificent and talented David Hasselhoff was gifted to us by the Divine Artificer, commanded to move from his natural supercelestial home to this transitory sublunar world.

Proof that the Almighty loves us and wishes us to be happy.

Ayyyyyy! Look!

David Hasselhoff live in London and Edinburgh

The Manolo knows where he will be in August.

How happy it makes the Manolo know that David Hasselhoff is still comfortable in his celebrity, for let us not forget, five years ago, the Manolo was named the Hasselhoff’s greatest internet fan, the Number 1 Hoffster!

On this auspicious date, the Manolo will briefly revive one of his most popular series: Readings from the Book of Hasselhoff

From page 171.

The glittering room at the Savoy was packed with chattering people when the decibel level suddenly dropped and all eyes turned to the tall woman who had just entered. She spotted us and walked over. I remember thinking ‘God, she’s tall.’ She had high heels on and was almost as tall as me. She was strikingly beautiful, with the face of an angel. We shook hands.

‘You look good with your clothes on,’ she said to me.

‘And so do you,’ I replied.

Diana laughed, blushed, and then looked coy. It wasn’t my imagination–she was flirting with me. Pamela elbowed me. She and Diana were both wearing almost identical Escarda dresses, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

On television, Diana always seemed humble and shy, averting her eyes and keeping her head bowed; that was the image I had of her – ‘Shy Di’. I knew she was separated from Prince Charles but I didn’t know anything about her private life or her attitude towards men.

Diana said, ‘What were we talking about?’

‘I have no idea’

‘Good – because neither do I.’

The word of the Hoff!

And finally, the Hasselhoff’s latest appearance as the actor, in the video for the pop band Train.