Tina from Salvatore Ferragamo for the Tuesday

Manolo says, it is Tuesday and you will not be at your desk this day, for you must attend the three-day strategy planning conference held at the world headquarters of the InEmTechCoCorp, Inc.

To say that you are not looking forward to this is the understatement. Three days of the tediously protracted committee meetings, filled with blather and jargon, and fueled by over-roasted coffee and free-floating angst. The toadies will toady, the vice presidents will preen, and you will be forced to pretend to pay attention to the proceedings.

No doodling for you! Sit up straight! The Vice President in Charge of Forward-Thinking Strategic Planning Strategy is giving the presentation!

You will tap listlessly on your electro-tablet iThingy as this besuited buffoon talks about how he took charge and strategically planned the corporate plan for strategy, while his toadies nod their heads.

Maybe, just for the second, you can mentally slip away…

“Manolo,” you whisper to yourself, “quick, show me the shoes!”

Tina from Salvatore Ferragamo

Here is the Tina from the Salvatore Ferragamo. Simple, elegant, restrained, handsome.