The Prince Who Would be Like the King

Prince Harry in Blue Suede Shoes

Prince Harry in the Blue Suede Shoes

Manolo says, fresh off his triumph in the Las Vegas touring company of Hair, Prince Harry then decides that it is time to boogie down, Jamaican-style, mon…

Prince Harry Dancing

It is his expression that makes this picture.

But, what are those shoes on his feets?

He was pictured wearing a pair of bright blue suede Russell and Bromley desert boots. The shoes, which are known as “Chuck”, retail for £115 and are officially due in stores in a fortnight.

Since arriving in Jamaica last week, the Prince has already appeared in public in a pair of tobacco coloured desert-style boots. They also comes in darker brown as well as blue suede.

Special pre-order boots, available only to those who have the connections? Truly it is good to be the Prince!