Ash Trainers for the Black Friday

Manolo says, ayyyyy! The Black Friday has arrived! Let the ordeal of Christmas begin!

Actually, the Manolo likes the Christmas, with the twinkling lights, and the snow and the jolly elves. He does not, however, like the Black Friday, which is why he chooses to spend this day in his study, reading the books on lepidopterology and sipping hot toddies. To venture forth today among the frenzied shoppers, bashing each other over the head to save the nickle, would be too fatiguing for all but the most hardened individuals. The spirit rebels at such scenes.

This is why the internet was invented, to save us from the spectacle of mass man at his massiest. In stead of wrestling with the crowds, we may now do all of our Christmas shoppings from while sitting in our easy chairs, hot toddy at the elbow. And, when the shopping is finished, we can look at the feetwear from the Ash Shoes.

For the example, after the long time of indifference, the Manolo has decided that he does indeed like the Ash trainers, specifically these…

Ash Wedge Trainers

The Genial from Ash, the Converse-inspired, wedge-heeled trainer with the buckles instead of the laces. There is so much going on here it probably should not work, and yet, the Manolo thinks that it does work, and thinking about why it works, takes the Manolo’s mind off of the Black Friday barbarity that is taking place at Wal-Mart this very instant.