Ayyyyy! It Looks Just Like Them!

The Royal Wedding Pizza

Pizza Fit for the Future King!

Manolo says, what better way to honor this historic event?

P.S. As found by our friend, the always amusing Twistie.


Do You Like Scary Movies?

Calling all slasher fans! If any of you loved the satirical classic Scream as much as I did (I know, I know…Scream 2 was decent and Scream 3 was an overall disaster, but the original was fantastic) I’m sure you’ve been counting down the days until our beloved heroine Sydney Prescott faces her masked murderer once again in Scream 4. Set to open this Friday, the film features a hot young updated cast (seeing as this sequel is 15 years after the original, the casting director clearly wanted some fresh blood to shed)  along with the original trilogies survivors for what I can only assume will be a splendidly bloody feast for the eyes.

Scream 4

The Scream 4 premiere was held in Hollywood this week, and while many stars attended the event including classic Scream veteran survivors Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, it was the younger Hollywood starlets that stole the spotlight on the blood red carpet. Hayden Panettiere in particular looked stunning in her crimson red cocktail dress. I think she exudes class and simple elegance with her subtle diamond earrings and classic black pumps. Fresh faced and appropriately covered (except of course exposing the occasional artery for optimal stabbing precision) she is a great reminder that not all of young Hollywood is a lost cause.

Hayden Panettiere Scream 4

Good luck outrunning the killer in those high heels Hayden! I have to admit, she looks so great here that I almost don’t want to see her get sliced and diced by the good old Ghost faced killer. Perhaps he (or she? or they?) will be a slave to fashion and spare her for her wise choices? We’ll have to wait and see…

Nickelodeon Understands Great Role Models

Johnny Deoo Kids Choice 2011

Johnny Depp was a presenter over the weekend at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and during his time on stage he proceeded to blow massive loads of green slime all over adoring children fans. Nothing wrong with that. Nope, not one bit. After all, it’s the innocence and naivety of children’s television shows and stars that make a rather suggestive act perfectly acceptable.


For example, take a look at teen star Taylor Momsen posing on the red carpet at the Kids Choice Awards:

Taylor Momsen Kids Choice 2011
The 17 year old starlet, also a presenter at the awards show, showed up looking appropriately bright eyed and innocent for the underage event. With her thick heavy black eyeliner, trashy extensions, and passive air of nonchalance, she is a prefect role model for today’s youth. The leather jacket and flimsy white tank work well with her black skinny jeans to construct a classic vampire-stripper-off-duty look. And the peeping fishnets that lead into those patent platforms are fit for a Suicide Girl.  Why, she’s a glowing gem that any pre-teen hunk would love to bring home to mom.

In all seriousness, I’m just pleased that she put on a pair of pants for once.

The typical Momsen ensemble almost always includes a garter belt, some sort of corset top and platform heels. The fact that this look is considered “classing it up” for her is simply disturbing. People are commending her for this “improvement” whereas I just think she needs to be grounded until she gets an attitude adjustment. She is 17! And her fans are probably younger!

It’s teen stars like this that make Rebecca Black seem like a very viable option for the spotlight.


Gary Busey Looks Terrible

Courtney Love Hit So Hard

It’s not all too shocking that famous rocker/notorious train wreck Courtney Love showed up looking like insane person Gary Busey to the premiere of ‘Hit So Hard’ in NYC this week. (An appropriately titled movie premiere, no?)

Courtney Love train wreck

You know how some photographers will post pictures of celebrities mid-sneeze or blinking to give the illusion that they are on drugs? Well in this case I think Courtney Love is just really on drugs.


The Tragic Beauty of Vintage Shoes

N.B. Our friend the Legatrix, who last time wrote about the ill-omened hairdos, is back with the post that the Manolo thinks is brilliant.

I love vintage clothing. The cut, elegance, and craftsmanship of clothing from the 1930s to the 1960s have always captivated me. Perhaps it’s because I can’t separate the fashions of those decades from the films. I’ve got my Bette Davis suits, my Barbara Stanwyck blouses, and my Jayne Mansfield sweaters. I wear my vintage pieces for work and play, mixing them up with current clothes to keep anything from looking costumey. I love the art of vintage clothing construction so much that I’ve even bought scraps of vintage dresses only to admire the exquisite handsewn beadwork left on pieces of shattered silk. But there’s one place I draw the line: vintage shoes. (Cue outrage and indignation from all the vintage fashionistas out there.)

Here’s the deal. Unless you’re a collector who hangs fancy shoes from your Christmas tree, don’t buy vintage shoes. No matter how curvaceous the vamp, well-turned the heel, or smooth the skin (yes, we’re still talking about shoes,) try to resist their siren song. I speak from experience. Over the decades, leather weakens, glue dries out, and stitching breaks. However accomplished your cobbler, he cannot restore such shoes to wearable condition. So when you consider buying a pair of vintage shoes, ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky?”

Right now I have two pairs of vintage shoes. I wear neither of them. Because for every pair of vintage shoes presently in my closet, three died painful, public, embarrassing deaths. There isn’t a place in New York City where I haven’t wiped out in a pair of gorgeous vintage heels. I went down in a blaze of pantyhose when my 1940s snakeskin ankle-straps disintegrated underfoot at Columbia University. I landed skirt-over-face on a midtown sidewalk when the heels of my 1950s cherry-red babydolls snapped clear off beneath me. And, apart from the concussion, I can’t remember what happened after a pair of 1930s golden sandals gave out in the East Village.

So rather than risk your hard-earned money on a pair of shoes that may leave you and your virtue(s) splayed out on the pavement for all to see, save your pennies for new shoes with a vintage vibe.

These crisp white lace-ups from Chloe remind me of the Katharine Hepburn’s sporty chic look.

Katherine Hepburn Wearing Shoes That Look Like They're From Chloe

Kate says, 'If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.'

They’re reminiscent of the ghillies that were popular in the 1940s, but are miles away from the orthopedic ones your nana still wears.

And these deceptively simple Kate Spade pumps, with their almond-shaped toe and low, curved vamp, are reminiscent of Jean Harlow’s infamous “where’s my shoe?” scene in Red-Headed Woman.

Jean Harlow wearing Kate Spade?

Jean Harlow says, 'Do it again! I like it!'

The heel is narrower than you’d see on a shoe from the 1930s, but the sleek and subtle curves are emphatically art deco. They’d be as fitting at the office as they would out on date night.

And finally, there are these shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. Every time I see them, they bring Sophia Loren to mind. Like her, they’re classic and restrained, yet unabashedly sexy.

Sofia Loren wearing vintage Ferragamo?

Sofia tells Salvatore, 'Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.'


Keira Goes Green

We’ve all done it. You find a great pair of shoes. You wear them out on Monday. While composing your outfit on Tuesday, you find the urge to wear the same lovely pair a second time overwhelming. But a second time in a row?

We recycle bottles and cans, we recycle sitcoms, we recycle old boyfriends, but what about shoes? Will your legion of admirers notice?  Are you the only righteous fashionista who would do such a thing?

Apparently not.

The ever so beautiful Keira Knightley was photographed two nights in a row wearing the same adorable brown lace-up flats while out in London. I highly doubt the reason for this fashion faux pas was Keira’s lack of shoe selection, so what possessed the starlet to recycle her kicks? The world may never know. However, I must say, I am astonished at her ability to pull off two completely unique looks with the same simple slip-ons.

Keira Knightly in brown flats

Night one: Keira looks flirtatious and feminine in her almost Catholic Schoolgirl inspired look.

Keira Knightly in brown flats
Night two: An entirely new look! She looks sleek, sophisticated and edgy with her leather jacket and high waisted pants. Bravo!

No need for atonement Keira, you pulled this repeat off. I applaud you!

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Jane Lynch Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Jane Lynch!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend the Teresa K, who was the first to correctly identify this week’s gleeful personage of note.

P.S. Has the Manolo mentioned that he is now almost entirely over the Glee! thing? The almost is reserved for the Jane Lynch, who still makes the Manolo laugh. Otherwise, the show, it is hectoring, predictable, and tiresome.


Corey Feldman: Charlie Sheen’s Understudy

Corey Feldman was photographed out in Hollywood last night looking fresh faced and not at all insane. He has been in the news lately due to his harsh tongue lashings towards Oscar producers for leaving his late friend Corey Haim out of the “In Memoriam” segment, and apparently he has made the decision to take his rage out out on his appearance.

Unless his hair is some subtle tribute to Flock of Seagulls, a band whose popularity coincides with the last time Feldman did anything noteworthy, it’s simply unacceptable.  On top of that, the over sized jacket paired with baggy pants and clunky shoes is not doing it for me. He looks like a child dressing up as what they’d imagine an adult miscreant to look like in order to go out drinking in Hollywood, which coincidentally would have been a great role for Feldman in his pre-teen prime.

I blame whoever fed him after midnight.


More Men Should Dress Like This

Mick Jagger, Fashion Icon

After stumbling across this mouth watering photo of a young Mick Jagger, l realized just how lucky I am to be a young single girl living in Brooklyn. I am fortunate enough to be in the presence of many fine young males who tap into elegant Muses like Mr. Jagger for their everyday style inspirations. However, being the insatiable young thing that I am, I want more!

Gentlemen, it all has to start with the shoes. The weather is warming slightly, the pavement is rarely wet so there are no excuses. Slip into a fresh pair of oxfords and allow the style to fill your being from bottom to top. Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?

These sleek Oxford Derby Shoes from Mark Mcnairy are sure to usher in a title wave of feminine attention

Perhaps you are a dirty fellow trying to keep it clean. Try these elegant Walk Over Derby Oxfords in White.

You can even step it up a few extra notches with these luxurious Calfskin Saddle Oxfords from Alden.

I can see it now… walking down the street to the flea market on a warm Spring day, drifting amidst a sea of dapper gentlemen, The Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” playing in my head. Make my dream a reality! Don’t make me beg.


The Sexiest Man Alive

Russell Crowe just ate the sexiest man alive

Feast your eyes on this hunk o' beefcake, ladies!

Manolo says, appears to have gotten the whole lot sexier.


Emma Watson Enjoys a Touch of Nude

Hermione Granger has officially graduated from Hogwarts, and her first order of business as a new master of magic was to do away with pants! Though I have to admit, if I had lusciously long getaway sticks like hers I would also show them off at the drop of a sorting hat.

As a fan of lengthy locks, I don’t know how I feel about her new do, however in these photos taken from her Paris Lancome shoot she looks androgynously chic. I think this outfit works. Her adorable white lace shorts, shirt, tie, blazer and black hat culminate in a look that is flirty, sexy and age appropriate. I also love the simplicity of the nude court shoes. It brings us right into Spring and Summer. Not to mention they remind me of these classic Marc by Marc Jacob court shoes that I have been drooling over.

“Pomp and Circumstance” is ringing in my ears. Emma has truly moved on to the bigger and better. As for the hair, I’ll let it slide. Just ask Justin Bieber…you can’t argue with the success of that cut.


Aubrey O’Day has Good Taste

And here we see miss Aubrey O’Day at the premiere of her new Oxygen reality show All About Aubrey (a program I can only imagine is going to be both titillating and inspiring). 

Oh heavens, where to begin. First, I applaud her for the effort to draw attention away from her face ( made entirely out of fondant these days) with an “eye catching” outfit, something she tossed together at the very last minute by scrounging through a Frederick’s of Hollywood sales rack.

But those shoes…

Unless someone is planning on making a parody of the Spice Girl’s “Wannabe” music video, I feel that shoes this obscene and this pink should be banned for any feet that don’t plan on being wrapped around a pole for a few hours.

N.B. The Manolo has asked his friend Trisha Marie to help him from time to time.