Guest Posting at the Shoe Blog of the Manolo

Manolo says, things have grown stale at the blog of the Manolo.

The Manolo is in the rut.

And so, to liven things up the bit, the Manolo would like to invite his internet friends to consider contributing the guest post or two the Manolo’s humble shoe blog.

It does not matter if you are the fashion blogger, or the non-blogger, the Manolo would love to see what his internet friends have to say about such topics as shoes, runway trends, fashion history, shoes, celebrity misadventure, shoes, indeed almost any topic that is not overtly political, or overly controversial. All the Manolo asks is that the contribution be thoughtful and moderately entertaining to his readers.

If you would like to do this please send the Manolo the email telling him what you would like to make the guest post about.

Which is Good

Manolo says, if you are looking for the entertaining discussion of matters fashionable, philosophic, and pop cultural, the Manolo suggests you visit the Which Is Good, the brand new blog of his internet friend Eliza Wharton.

The Colour Comparisons

Manolo says, sometimes the fashion blogosphere delivers up something wonderful


The Question is Not How…

Manolo says, our friend, the inimitable Miss Plumcake, gives us the lesson in how to wear the jeggings.

I have never been a fan of the skinny jean on big girls because it’s such a tricky look to deploy. Big girls, like Tolstoy’s unhappy families are all big (or unhappy) in different ways. Yet back in October my bff Meghan, who was also a plus-size model and is even more beautiful than I am (if you can imagine such a thing), was not just wearing but actively rocking jeggings. My tiny world was turned upside down.

Sloth Mother vs. Tiger Mother

Manolo says, our friend Glinda addresses the controversial parenting article written by the Chinese-American crazy lady.

But what strikes me about the article is the strident nature of Ms. Chua’s superiority. And in a sense, I suppose she is correct in saying her parenting style has produced results. Her daughter has apparently played piano at Carnegie Hall, which is a wonderful accomplishment. My son, on the other hand, has played the tambourine (badly) for an audience comprised solely of his baby sister. So I suppose she is at least one up on me there.

Friday Web Snob

Manolo says, here are the items from the Manolo’s web snob friends…
Stiletto Jungle is shopping sale-priced Jimmy Choo shoes — over 140 styles, all 20% or more off.

It’s Razzie time! Allie is Wired has the best of the worst movies of the year.

If you’ve got things to do, like Bag Snob, and cannot be slowed down with a heavy load on your arm, then the Crossbody can be your new best friend!

This Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel at Beauty Snob is awesome because you can apply the gel without your fingertips irritating that sensitive region.

Coquette heralds the return of the poncho and celebrates it’s new modern look.

Win at pair of Tory Burch Travel Socks from The Jet Set Girls!

KRISTOPHER DUKES is wanting Hermès “So Black” Kelly Double Tour Bracelet.

Keep your resolution (or just look even cuter at the gym) with cheap workout gear for under $30. It’ll make you actually WANT to go the gym.

Second City Style editors share their fashion predictions for 2011.

Shopping and Info loves these chic Donna Karan flat black boots on sale for 60% off.

Are you bored with your winter wardrobe already? StyleBakery has some ideas to perk it up

The Beauty Stop has the beauty hits and misses from the 2011 People’s Choice Awards.

The Shoe Goddess gets a sneak peek at the Walter Steiger Spring 2011 Collection!

More than Cheese

Manolo says, our friend Christa Terry gives sound advice at the Manolo for the Brides, on how to compose yourself for the photos.

How many times have you come across what would otherwise be a beautiful wedding photo… were it not for the fact that the bride is doing her best runway model impression? Personally, I love to mug for the camera, but when I try to play it serious, I end up looking constipated, not sexy or edgy. And I know there are others like me out there, who just can’t pull off the stern, smoldering look that is oh so popular nowadays. I mean, if you happen to look great with a frown on your face, then fantastic. But the fact is that most brides look more beautiful when they’re sporting a smile

Ribbon Embroidery

Manolo says, our friend Twistie is discussing the lovely art of ribbon embroidery

…the art of taking lengths of ribbon and sewing them decoratively onto a background. I love ribbon embroidery.

It is quite attractive and historically important.

Good Bye, Christmas Friend

Manolo says, the twelfth day of Christmas approaches, which for many peoples of the Manolo’s acquaintance means it is time to take down the Christmas tree. Our friend Christa, at the Green Manolo, has some of the suggestions

Put it in the trash? No way, that’s for amateurs. Recycling the Christmas tree? Now that’s what I’m talking about.


Manolo says, at the Manolo Jewelry, our friend La Petite Acadienne discusses the importance of the moonstone.

In India, moonstone is regarded as a sacred stone. It is believed to bring good fortune. And really, couldn’t we all use more good fortune in 2011?

The Gifts of Mr. Henry

Manolo says, they keep on giving….

In this Western ski village where the skies are not cloudy all day (sometimes there is snow, too), Mr. Henry has been having fun teasing his adored consort each time the ski-bum waiter addresses her as “ma’am.”

But today the little dude-boy addressed Mr. Henry as “sir” – not once, but three times. Cheek!