Ask Auntie Plumcake

Manolo says, Ask Auntie Plumcake, in which the Manolosphere’s own agony aunt answers questions from the lovelorn.

Those Who Forget the Pasta…

Manolo says, our friend Katie R. reminisces about great pasta sandwiches she has known.

There No Crying in…

Manolo says, our friend, Miss Plumcake has the few thoughts about soccer and love.


Manolo says, our friend Mr. Henry recommends some judicious shaving for the mens.

The Web Snob

Manolo says, here are the few entertaining links from the Manolo’s Web Snob fashion friends.

Stiletto Jungle test drives the much anticipated Living Proof Full Thickening Cream.

Allie is Wired takes a first look at Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ fashion collection.

Bag Bliss put together a “neutral rainbow” of top purse picks for summer.

Bag Snob advises to run to the store right now to buy this bag!

Beauty Snob has the answer for that time of the month when you need to get back the bounce back in your step!

Coquette loves the fresh, feminine take on menswear with cut-out oxfords.

Stuart Weitzman for fall 2010 is a must according to Fashion Pulse Daily

The Jet Set Girls get excited for Chanel’s Fall 2010 Makeup launch especially the must-have nail color for fall!

KRISTOPHER DUKES is wanting Rimowa special-edition “Topas” suitcase.

Ah, Second City Style thinks there’s nothing quite like Style in the City this summer!

Shopping and Info loves looking taller and leaner in these K. Jacques nude wedge sandals for July 4th.

Want to know what the StyleBakery editors are loving this season? This week, they each share their top 10 favorites.

StyleCaster had New York’s premiere matchmaker, Richard Easton, tell us the10 quickest ways to turn a guy off!!

The Beauty Stop shows how to replicate Ashley Greene’s party look.

The Shoe Goddess loves this sexy pair of Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud Spike Pumps!

eye4stle composes an ode of sorts to a Wardrobe Workhorse – the stud earring!

The Cure for the Suburban Boredom

Manolo says, now that summer has officially arrived, our friend Glinda has been thinking about what to do with the crunchers of the crumb.

It’s many a mom’s dirty little secret when you’ve got a kid who is moping around the house, claiming they have played with all of their toys and read all of their books. And even if they haven’t really, they feel as if they have, and so their perception becomes your rather unpleasant reality. Most days you can threaten them with chores or whatnot, but even that gets old after a while. Being a mean mom is only fun for the first month or so, and then it just gets to be a drag.

And, what is the solution? You must go read for yourself.

The Backache

Manolo says, our friend, Mr. Henry offers practical advice.

There are only three sure-fire cures for backache. One is whiskey. Another is downhill skiing. The third and finest of all is found behind closed doors with an enthusiastic partner.

The Anti-Bridezilla

Manolo says, the Manolo’s good friend Twistie has posted the compelling story you must read about the young woman who is the very antithesis of the bridezilla.

Julia Child’s Favorite

Manolo says, all of the many times the Manolo has eaten here, he never suspected that it was Julia Child’s favorite Mexican restaurant.

The Web Snob

Manolo says, here for your Friday entertainment needs are some links from the Manolo’s fashion blogger friends.

Stiletto Jungle has fallen hard for funky-yet-dignified Camilla Skovgaard boots.

Kristen Stewart, crazy cat lady? Allie is Wired has the scoop.

If you are forever a rocker chick at heart, then Bag Snob has the clutch worthy of consideration.

Beauty Snob has the secret to summer comfort!

Coquette is in a bohemian state of mind thanks to Snoozer Loser’s ethereal spring/summer collection.

Fashion Pulse Daily does an exclusive interview with the incredibly stylish Ce Ce Chin of 80%20 shoes and Ce Ce Chin Collection.

Jet Set Girls celebrate the opening of’s online store with their top picks for summer.

KRISTOPHER DUKES is using Trind nail care system.

SHEfinds rounded up the top 5 little black swimsuits that slim every figure. You will not be disappointed.

Second City Style wonders if shoppers who “dress up” receive better service than the patron in sweatpants in Look Like a Million Bucks When You Shop, or Be Ignored.

Shopping and Info found lots of great nautical and cargo tops and jackets from Vince that are perfect for summer and fall.

Get ready for summer with StyleBakery’s weekend essentials under $100

StyleCaster takes you behind the scenes of designer Chris Benz’s Resort 2011 presentation at his New York City studio.

StyleHive shows that, just in time for summer, leather is creepin’ from your favorite outerwear staple to take over the realm of shorts.

The Beauty Stop plays fuchsia lipstick hit-or-miss with Chloe Sevigny.

The Fashion Bomb finds Michelle Obama’s Lakers Game Top and more in her weekly Mail Bombs section.

Elsewhere in the Manolosphere

Manolo says, the past three weeks have been busy for the Manolo, however that does not mean that our internet friends have also been idle, for indeed they have not. And so, the Manolo now presents the few choice Manolospheric links for your enjoyment.

Mr. Henry on the trilby

The look says, “I don’t wear this hat because I need to cover my head like some old bald guy (although in truth my hair is a fresh-out-of-bed mess). This hat radiates insouciance and cool. It advertises that I am in the know and am self-confident enough to be sartorially ironic.

Katie R. writes about the special jelly

With names straight from Hogwarts, the pair Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, are famous for their wild food related adventures, having previously create a jelly shaped like St. Paul’s Cathedral, a futurist aerobanquet, and scratch-and-sniff cinema, have now created a series of jams infused with “powerful artifacts.”

Miss Plumcake, writing what the Manolo thought was the mostly innocuous article, inadvertently launches the Great Nude Shoe Wars of 2010.

This is what I call a First Lady Shoe (and I’m charmed by the “film” treatment of the bow.) It doesn’t look like much on the screen, but you’ll find yourself reaching for these again and again for years and as long as they’re in season, they’ll be in style.

Christa Terry gives us pictures of strange buildings!

I’ve often commented on how strange my house is – mostly because someone in the past did a lot of shoddy DIY – but it’s not strange at all compared to these strange buildings:

Glinda the Good on telling time.

Even though telling time on a clock face is second nature to me, my son has grown up with a distinct lack of them. There might be a few scattered here and there in his life, such as at the library, but not enough to make any impact upon him. He doesn’t even have one in his classroom.

Raincoaster on Giselle Budchen.

Congratulations, that is true contrarian fashion genius.

Our darling Twistie writing about 17 years of the wedded blissfulness.

Sometimes happily ever after does sort of happen.