And Thy Name Shall Be Accursed

Manolo asks, do you have frenemies? If so, the Manolo has found the perfect Christmas gift for their children….

The Otamatone: Guaranteed to drive parents insane.

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Pearl Harbor, Redux…. The Otamatone!

Manolo says, from the peoples who brought you Pearl Harbor comes the latest Japanese aggression … the otamatone!

Music that shall live in infamy!


It is Saturday!

Manolo says, time to get up and boogie!

That’s Right!


The Fourth of July!

Manolo says, perhaps the single most delightfully jingoistic scene ever to appear in any Hollywood movie, featuring Soldiers, Boy Scouts, Patriots, Cowboys, Uncle Sam, and Teddy Roosevelt armed with the sword!


Athiests Don’t Have No Songs

Manolo says, it is funny because it is true!

P.S. The tip of the hat to Vanderleun


In Jedem Klaren Bach

Manolo says, if you were to compile the list of things that make the Manolo exceedingly happy… Fritz Wunderlich singing Schubert’s Die schöne Müllerin would be very near the top.

One of the great tenor voices, so filled with robust vitality, singing one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

And Wilhelm Müller’s poem is heartfelt simplicity itself.

Ich hört ein Bächlein rauschen
Wohl aus dem Felsenquell,
Hinab zum Tale rauschen
So frisch und wunderhell.

Ich weiß nicht, wie mir wurde,
Nicht, wer den Rat mir gab,
Ich mußte auch hinunter
Mit meinem Wanderstab.

Hinunter und immer weiter
Und immer dem Bache nach,
Und immer frischer rauschte
Und immer heller der Bach.

Ist das denn meine Straße?
O Bächlein, sprich, wohin?
Du hast mit deinem Rauschen
Mir ganz berauscht den Sinn.

Was sag ich denn vom Rauschen?
Das kann kein Rauschen sein:
Es singen wohl die Nixen
Tief unten ihren Reihn.

Laß singen, Gesell, laß rauschen
Und wandre fröhlich nach!
Es gehn ja Mühlenräder
In jedem klaren Bach.

And Schubert’s music is so good here, that it is even enough to make the Manolo look fondly on…


Lin Yu Chun Should Be on Glee

Lin Yu Chun as the Foreign Exchange Student on Glee

Manolo says, the Manolo has started the Facebook group dedicated to the proposition that the producers of Glee should cast Taiwanese singing sensation Lin Yu Chun as the Foreign Exchange Student.

Please be so kind as to consider joining this group, and suggesting to your friends that they should also join.

Together we can change the course of the musical television history!

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Manolo says, what can the Manolo possibly say that would do full justice to the utter awesomeness of this?

Lin Yu Chun.  Amazing.

All the Manolo can do now is renew his call to the producers of Glee to cast Lin Yu Chun as the recurring Foreign Exchange Student character.

Here is more evidence to support the Manolo’s belief…


Can the Manolo Make the Suggestion?

Dear ABC Television Network Casting Peoples,

The Manolo believes he has found the perfect person to play the role of Wacky Foreign Exchange Student on Glee.

P.S. Previously…Wayne Newton!


Lin Yu Chun, Vegas Bound

Manolo says, speaking of oddballs with talent…Lin Yu Chun..

Everyone is going on about the Whitney imitation, but for the Manolo, the following video is the much better performance…

And now, the question is, what to do with the pudgy, funny-looking, teenaged man-child with the girlish-beautiful voice who likes singing in the foreign language?

Well, the Manolo can think of one very prominent role model for Lin Yu Chun…



The Love Marriage

Manolo says, and now to make up for the Manolo’s absence, he gives you the incomparable Wilbur Sargunaraj, destined to be perhaps the greatest superstar ever produced by the internets.