The Pop Apocalypse, Part Two

Manolo says, this disaster known as the Eurovision, it continues to devastate the continent of Europe.

Look at these latest outrages to be visited upon the citizens of this blighted region.

Fabrizio! Fabrizio! The Maltese Tough Boy and his Band of Clingy-Needy Babes.

Romanian Flash Dance Choreography…

Help, he has fallen and he cannot get up!


P.S. Many thanks to the Keith Mills for allowing the Manolo to borrow his pictures of this horror.


The Pop Apocalypse, Part One

Manolo says, even during the practice sessions, this disaster known as the Eurovision lays waste to the very essence of European culture, taking the grand and dignified traditions of the Continent and reducing them to…

…breathy Belgian vixens suggestively acting out scenes of proto-freudian lust…

…Deutscher Cowboys yodelling Wagner’s Grand Ole Oprys…

…Poles paying tribute to their national hero Wladziu Valentino Liberace!

One shudders to think what horrors await us in the coming days.



Manolo says, It is cheating if you strap the book to your head.

The Pride and The Prejudice Mini-Contest

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! The charming and funny Never teh Bride who runs the Manolo’s humble Bride Blog, she is running the small contest in which she is asking for the crazy stories about the weddings, and to the craziest/funniest/oddest stories she will be giving away the grab bag of the items from the soon-to-be-released new DVD of the Pride and Prejudice movie.

Such as this, the track of the sound.

Pride & Prejudice

Go tell the Never teh Bride your tale of wedding horror!

What the Manolo is…

Manolo says, it is the Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…




Listenting to…

The Manolo he wanted to like the Stage Beauty much more than he ultimately did. The period detail it was amusing and properly bawdy, and yet there was something essentially and emotionally incorrect in the relationship between the Kynaston and the Maria, and do not get the Manolo started on the acting of the Clare Danes in this movie.

Happily, the Manolo very much enjoyed the Rupert Everett’s delightful Charles II and the Nell Gwynn she was wonderful. In the fact, there is the great and amusing movie yet to be made about the Charles and the Nell. Perhaps the Manolo shall write it.

Love Me or Go to The Hell!

Love Me or Go to Hell!  by Donna Barstow

Manolo says, look! The Manolo’s good friend the Donna Barstow she has edited the new super funny book about the love and/or the going to Hell.

Here is the hilarious sample.

Love Me or Go To Hell!  Edited by Donna Barstow!
It is funny because it is so true!


Hooked on the Feeling

Manolo says, the Manolo he cannot tell you how many dozens of his internet friends have sent him links to this video.

It is the very reason music and video and music videos were invented. Genius!

Perfect for the Bravo!

Manolo says, Manolo the TV show? All the Manolo needs now is the concept and the announcer/sidekick.

P.S. Manolo’s choice? The Stedman. He is indeed, muy suave.


Samurai Suzy Speaks!

Blahnik by Boman: Shoes, Photographs, Conversation

Manolo says, the Samurai Suzy she gives the endorsement of the whole heartedness to the Manolo’s favorite book of the 2005.

They call it “a photographic conversation,” and the result is a book for every fashionista to lust for in her Xmas stocking. “Blahnik by Boman” (Thames & Hudson), with its shoe trailing a peacock tail through a shrubbery or its purple suede boot spilling over with lilac blooms, has an atomic sexual charge and a luscious sense of decoration.

Eric Boman photographed his friend Manolo Blahnik’s work in all its delicacy and intensity. As Paloma Picasso, part of the trio who met up in Paris in the 1960s, puts it: “Eric has been able to give Manolo’s creations the perfect setting in which to bloom before our eyes.” Her words and Blahnik’s exuberant, tangential, culture-packed commentary add an extra dimension to the book and its exceptional images.


It is rare for a book to capture so completely the visual, emotional and intellectual spirit of a designer, without any of the usual vainglory or sugary endorsements. The playful, elegant images – 165 in full plates – are a fitting tribute to the drama and craftsmanship of both cobbler and photographer.

Truly it is the most wonderful book, the perfect gicft for the person who loves the shoes.


Manolo’s Gift Music III

Manolo says, here are three more recommendations from the Manolo to help those who must find the gifts of the last minute.

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Bryars: Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

On the face, the concept it is most simple: the minimalist composer Gavin Bryars found the audio loop of homeless street person singing the repetative jingle and to this he added the music. But this description, in no way does it fully convey the emotional power of this composition. It is, in the opinion of the Manolo, perhaps the single most affecting piece of music composed in the past fifty years.

The Next Hundred Years

The Next Hundred Years

The Ted Hawkins, he is the absolutely best soul singer of whom you have never heard. His voice, it is so good, so very good. so soulful, so very soulful.

Very Best Of
Very Best of David Hasselhoff

Simply Masterful!

(If you do not believe the Manolo you must read the Amazon reviews, they are unanimous in their fulsome praise of this majesterial body of work.)


Manolo’s Gift Music II

Manolo says, here are four more recommendation from the music files of the Manolo, perfect for giving to those you love.

Tanto Tempo

Tanto Tempo by Babel Gilberto   Manolo Likes!  Click!

The Babel, she has such the lovely voice, and the rhythms they are so smooth and warm, like the pieces of polished tropical wood. It is in the humble opinion of the Manolo the perfect Bossa Nova, something that would allow you to sit back, close your eyes, and pretend that you are elsewhere.

Continental Drifter

Continental Drifter  Charlie Musselwhite  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Every since he first heard the Stand Back, many of the years ago, the Manolo he has been the devotee of the Charlie Musselwhite, the powerful bluesman and blower of the harp from the Chicago. So, you can imagine the joy of the Manolo when he heard that the Charlie he had recorded the album with the Eliades Ochoa and his band, Cuarteto Patria. The Manolo he loves this record so much that he has had to buy the second copy, so that he is never far from it. Sabroso!

This it is just the Dwight Yoakam, the acoustic guitar, and his masterful songbook. It is really how this music it was meant to be heard. Quiet, and yet it is also intensely personal and powerful.

19 Dias Y 500 Noches

19 Dias Y 500 Noches

If you not heard the odd, harsh, gravelly, eccentrically beautiful, chain-smoker’s voice of the Joaquin Sabina, you have not heard one of the treasures of the Spanish pop music. If you have not listened to the funny, rude, ridiculous, sublime lyrics of the songs of the Jaoquin Sabina you have not encountered one of the treasures of the modern Spanish poetry.