Project Runway, Season 3!!!

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyy! The designers for the next season of the Project Runway, they have been announced, and the Manolo’s good friends at the Blogging the Project Runway, they have the links to the various webpages of the designers.

The start of the show it is only the mere weeks away, and the Manolo he is almost breathless with anticipation.

When Did You Find Blogging Project Runway?

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friends at the Blogging the Project Runway ask the important question, When Did You Find Blogging Project Runway?

If you are the fan of this wonderful blog you must go and add your answer to comments.


Project Runway Encounters

Manolo says, the Manolo he has been reading with great pleasure the various accounts of the Blogging the Project Runways trip to the Apple of Largness to see the Project Runway sites and meet with the Tim Gunn, et al. Of the course, the Manolo was especially pleased by the super fantastic Scarlett’s version of her Project Runway Encounters.


Blogging The Project Runway Tour

Manolo says, The Blogging The Project Runway Tour!

Six months ago Blogging the Project Runway blog did not exist.

But then the Laura K. put together the most basic site in which she collected the links to the news articles and shared her love of the Project Runway. Within the few short weeks, her site became the number one place on the internets for the Project Runway, and the fans flocked to read the amusing mix of information and opinion she had assembled.

Before long, she was even corresponding with the designers and with the magnificent Tim Gunn!

And now, look at this, she and her internet friends have arranged the tour of their favorite Project Runway sites, including the sanctum sanctorum, the Tim Gunn’s office at the Parsons! (The Manolo imagines that as the heavy twin doors swing open on soundless hinges the single shaft of light illiuminates the gilded throne on which the master sits, while in the background subtle angelic fanfare mingles with the soft music of cooing doves.)

Such things as this tour they are the reason why the Manolo is completely in love with the blogging, and why he believes that it has the power to change the relationship between entertainment and the entertained. Indeed, it has already happened.


The Project Runway Withdrawl

Manolo says, ayyyyyyyy! The Project Runway season two, it is over! What will the Manolo now do with his Wednesday evenings?

Happily, the Manolo’s many internet friends at the Blogging the Project Runway are still on the job, keeping the fanatics of the Project Runway updated with the latest news and gossip.

Also, the various sources of media still continue to deliver the information about the contestants. Here, for the example, is the story about the Chloe, one that contains the reactions from the Tim Gunn and the Jay.

“I was STUNNED when I realized that Chloe was the winner,” said Tim Gunn, chair of Parsons New School For Design and Project Runway’s resident den father. “Why? Because Daniel V. had been the Golden Boy and I knew that he was a hands-down favorite going into the Bryant Park Tents, and Santino had evolved to a level of sophistication that I was dubious he could achieve.”

“But frankly, looking at the designers as individuals, independent of their work, what do we have?” added Gunn. “Had Santino won, then we would have had the Project Runway Winners’ Circle Freak Show – Jay first, and now Santino. Daniel is extremely inexperienced in the industry to deliver on the expectations of the win. Chloe is, indeed, seasoned and experienced and professional.”

In other words, she won “because she’s the opposite of me!” Jay McCarroll told FWD with a laugh.

Leave it to the Jay to say that which is both the most outrageous and the most correct thing.

He had been rooting for Daniel V. to win, as had many other people, including, not surprisingly, the entire F.I.T. student body. (A colleague who watched the final episode at the school last Wednesday reports that a collective gasp erupted in the room when Dao was pronounced the winner.)

“I thought her shapes were good, but her fabrications and color palette were kind of gross,” McCarroll opined of Dao’s winning collection. “Just because you use the same fabric in three garments doesn’t mean that it’s a cohesive collection. And there was no vision.”

Project Runway judge Nina Garcia defended Dao’s win, telling FWD the Houston native took home the prize because “she did a great job and her work was consistent with a strong point of view” and that it was the memorable nature of Dao’s previous PR work that tipped the scales in her favor.

“The last collections that we saw on the runway were not very different from one another,” said Garcia. “So we had to judge them in terms of how they had fared in the other competitions, and we thought, whom do we remember? We could remember the orchid and flower dresses from Daniel. With Chloe, you remember the “clothes off her back” challenge, the flower dress and the one she did for the inspiration challenge, because it was so labor intensive.”

And yes, the judges did “weigh in that Chloe has a business sense,” as well, confirms Garcia. “Daniel V. looks the part and has the talent. But when we talked about what would be the ideal situation for Daniel, it’s to work with a designer for a few more years and learn what it takes. Chloe is mature and can handle the opportunities that come with becoming instantly famous. So the message here is: you have to be creative and you have to have business sense.”

Nina, dear heart, you have made the mistake. It is best to not try to justify, best to just move on and pretend that it has never happened.


Project Runway 2, Finale Part 2

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! The winner it is the Chloe! And the Michael Kors is verklempt!

Both of these things they were completely unexpected to the Manolo, even after he had seen the collections on the runway.

Indeed, the main impression the Manolo took away from the collection of the Chloe was Aging Houston Socialite Gestalt. Yes, the dresses they were cleverly made, and the detail was very fine, but the problem for the Manolo was that he could see the same heavy, shiny, flowery material and the same poofy draping used as the window treatments in the 10,000 square foot custom MacMansion in the River Oaks.

Thus the Manolo has christened this the Ima Hogg Memorial Wannabe Collection.

As for the Santino, the Manolo thought that there were many beautiful pieces. And indeed, the Santino’s work, it was the prettiest of the three, and justified to some of the extent the Santino’s habitual preening. (As the Muhammad Ali says, it ain’t the bragging if you can do it.) Yes, there was the problem with the fitting of the garments, but at least the Manolo could see that it had the unified vision, albeit as the judges noted, it was the greatly subdued vision of the Santino.

Also the Manolo should note that he appreciated the Santino’s justification of his designs. The Chloe and the Daniel, they felt it necessary to discuss the “business” of the clothing. Bleech. Much to the preference of the Manolo was the Santino’s bold “Because I know beauty!” And although, the Manolo would perhaps disagree with the Señor Wickety-wack’s presumed knowledge of beauty, he could not find fault with the obvious passion behind such statements.

Oddly, at the end, the Manolo he felt sorry for the Santino, who seemed to earnestly believe that he was would be the winner. Such charming insouciance! And he loves his momma!

Ayyyyy! Santino all is forgiven! Now embrace the Manolo you big spiteful lug!

As for the Daniel, his collection was very much to the taste of the Manolo. (Excpet for that stupid dingly-dangly tassely thing between the breasts that left the Micheal Kors in his hibutual state of mock outrage.)

The clothes of the Daniel were beautiful, accomplished, and very sophisticated. As the Manolo has said, the Daniel is the master of taking the familiar shape and adding the slightest, most subtle change and thus making it slightly different and better.

For the example, the beautiful cream swing coat looked like something we may have seen before, but it was in the stead fully Daniel’s. The neck, the cuffs and the placement of the buttons make this coat special. It had the beautiful movement, it flatters the shape, it flows. (And here the Manolo should note that the Santino’s clothes also had the beautiful movement, while the Chloe’s seemed stiff and overly constructed.)

To some of the extent, the Manolo thinks that the Daniel was ill-served by his inability to articulate in front of the judges his vision and motivations. He has the exceptionally refined eye, but his vocabulary has not kept pace with his substantial ability as the designer. Happily, in the real world such things do not matter; the clothes stand on their own.

Finally, the Manolo must say that the Jay McCarroll still stands out as the best of the designers to have emerged thus far from the Project Runway. His collection last year may not have been exactly to the Manolo’s personal taste but it had the powerful and unique point of view, one that still impresses the Manolo more than one year later.

Ayyyyyyyyy! Nine more long months until the Project Runway returns!

P.S. And now what shall the Manolo do with his Wednesday evenings? He looked at the Top Chef for five minutes before he decided that all twelve of the contestants, together with the Billy Joel’s wife should be locked in the shipping container and dropped into the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.


Project Runway 2, Finale Part 1

Manolo says, the Manolo he is calling this episode, “Santino Humanized”, in which the joyful, chaotic evilness of the Santino is happily explained away by his having been the ugliest child since Bat Boy!

It all reminded the Manolo of the Dr. Evil’s explanation for his malfeasance in the Austin Powers movie.

The details of my life are quite inconsequential…. very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen-year-old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet… etc.

By the end of the episode the Manolo half-expected the Santino to unveil his plans for world domination through the wickety-wack.

Actually, the Manolo must now admit that he has begun to develop the affection for the Santino, who with his wickety-wack, and his greasy, spectral, night-of-the-living-dead features, his lamentable choice of personal dress, and his Lurchish, you-rang voice, would appear to be everything the Manolo would dislike. But indeed this it is not entirely the case, as the Santino, all the evil aside, has the wonderfully mischevious sense of the humor, and is in his own way perhaps sweet. (By which, the Manolo means that he did not attempt, when offered the opportunity, to bite the head off of the small child on his lap.)

As for the rest of the episode. Shrug. Meh. Whatever.

Daniel’s collection leaves Tim unmoved, although the Manolo, like the Professor Ann suspects that this partly is the dramatic editing device, one designed to raise the suspense before the shows of the runway. And the Manolo, he is still convinced that the Daniel V. will be the winner.

Meanwhile, the collection of the Chloe looks like the overstuffed sofa and ottoman set in the living room of the aging Texas debutante. All that is needed is the addition of the extravagant gold tassels.

For the Manolo, however, the best part was the return of Andrae, whom the Manolo now loves above all others, if only because it has become clear that he is the most literate and the most delightful of all of the designers.

And so, on to the final episode!


The Tim Gunn Network

Manolo says, the Manolo he is clearly foresighted. From the Blogging the Project Runway comes news of the humorous television show.

BPR reader Bethanne has alerted us to this week’s episode of VH1’s ‘Best Week Ever” featuring a segment on what television would be like if Tim Gunn had his own network.

Of the course, as the readers of the Manolo know, the Manolo he proposed exactly this thing many weeks ago.


Project Runway 2, The Reunion Show

Manolo says, so boring, so very, very boring.

Indeed, throughout the episode the Manolo kept devising the ways to make the episode more interesting, ways that usually invloved handcuffing the randomly selected designer to the Santino, giving them both the long knives and seeing who emerged the “winner”.

Zulema and Santino…Fight!

Sadly, such hijinx they were not on the menu. In the stead, we the loyal viewers were treated to the blandest of outtakes, and the most self-justifying of blather. Yes, there were the bizarre, uncomfortable moments, such as the goofy Lupe’s drunken ramble, and the Daniel Franco’s creepy crazy-eyed protestation of love to the Heidi, but there was little of the entertainment in that.

The Manolo he did have one other idea for the perfect show of the reality television…Santino and Andrae, The Real Life Odd Couple!

Santino is so delightfully, abrasively self-absorbed (and actually quite funny) and Andrae is perhaps the sweetest, kindest human who has ever walked the earth. Put this pair in the media-bubble safe house in Los Angeles and let the world beat the path to their door!

This week on The Santino and Andrae Show, old pal Tim Gunn pays the visit. Watch the sparks fly!


Shopping with the Jay

Manolo says, for the fans of the first season of the Project Runway, here is the link to most entertaining interview with the Jay. It is filled with the sort of amusing and outrageous common sense that has made the Jay one of the Manolo’s favorites.

What he could talk about was the aesthetic of his upcoming collection, which he describes in “Project Jay” as being “accessible, wearable, affordable.”

“The intention is just to be easy,” he explained as we entered Lush, which was laid out like a deli, with produce-style bins and shelves of, yes, luscious-smelling bath, beauty and grooming products. “Not easy as in boring or simple, but I like to base everything off jeans and t-shirts. It’s America, after all. Even Charlize Theron and Madonna wear t-shirts and track suits. We concentrate so much in fashion on, like, Zac Posen’s satin-piped bodices and Art Deco bs, and it’s expensive, overrated and probably made like crap. And there is such a push to use fine, expensive fabrics and make $2400 shirts. That’s rent for people, or a college fund! It’s clothes at the end of the day. It’s not a cancer drug, it’s not an AIDS cure. I’d rather sell four hundred million t-shirts at $24.99 apiece and build the house that way then sell eight gowns to some bs artist’s dumb wife.”

And then this section, it contained the favorite part of the Manolo.

“Peggy Moffit, man,” he enthused of his muse. “She’s like [intoned in robot voice] ‘I’m a weird sculpture. I’m mannequin woman.’ That time period was so amazing. You know, Paris Hilton is a joke to me. Lindsay Lohan is supposedly the new face of Chanel. It’s like, ‘Who is the hot new thing?’ That’s why fashion is so fickle. I just stay out of it and do what I want to do.”

In this passage, the Jay shows the great advantage of coming from the hinterland: you are to some of the extent constitutionally and emotionally insulated from the frenetic nonsense of the media metropoli.

The Manolo, he would now remind you that all three of the finalists of the current season, they are not from the New York or the Los Angeles. The Daniel V. he is from Michigan, Chloe is from the Houston, Texas, and the Santino is originally from the Missouri.


Project Runway 2, Week 10

Manolo says, so long to the Kara, you were most annoying, and not terribly talented, and usually your clothes they looked as if they’d been grabbed from the rag bag.

Ah, Santino, Santino, how the Manolo would love to hear that you have met with the unfortunate machine gun accident at the toll booth.

The Manolo cannot remember when he last saw this level of groundless, unjustifiable narcissism…oh, right. Never mind. Clearly you and your spangly wickety-wack are destined for the great things, perhaps designing workout clothes for Bobby Trendy to sell at the Wal-Mart.

Once again, the Daniel V. displays his talent for taking beautiful shapes, forms, and materials and giving them the merest, slightest, tiniest twist, so as to make them seem ever so slightly barely different. It is the talent for the small details, and the Manolo, after viewing the pictures of the runway show, is completely convinced that you will win the whole thing. Look for the Daniel V. to soon be working for the Ralph Lauren or the Calvin Klein.

As for the Chloe, the Tim Gunn was exactly right, the Chloe produced the gown that made the rail thin model appear to have the giant ass. Bravo to that! Once again, the Manolo must repeat that she is boringly good, and that her collection at the runway show was meh, whatever, fine.

Notes from the rest of this episode: Mamas don’t let your boys grow up to be Austin Scarlett, because he’s always aflame and hankering for fame, even if there’s not much else there. And Jay is still the delightful Jay, but the fifteen minutes they are ticking away fast.

P.S. As always there is so much more at the Blogging the Project Runway.