Bernardo Sandals on the Sale

Manolo says, you are perhaps saying, “But Manolo, it is winter! The worst winter since like forever! My mailman was eaten by a yeti, so I’m not even sure I’ll get that box of emergency supplies I ordered from that nice company in Utah. And now you want me to buy sandals?”

To which the Manolo would answer, “Yes, it is bad, very bad, Yukon Cornelius bad, but the Manolo assures you that the spring will soon arrive, and you will be needing the fabulous Bernardos, which may now be purchased at the excellent prices.”

Mojo Sandals from BernardoMojo Sandal from Bernardo

The Bernardo Mojo is selling at $42 off of the usual price, the savings of more than 30%!

Matrix Sandals from BernardoMatrix Sandals from Bernardo

The Matrix Sandal from Bernardo, 30% off of the usual price.

Must Stone from BernardoMust Stone from Bernardo

And the Must Stone from Bernardo, selling for more than $70 off of the usual price!

Certainly the box of dehydrated lasagna and freeze-dried carrots will help you make it to the thaw, but would you not prefer to open the package from Zappos containing the sandals from Bernardo, handsome and practical sandals that savor of the warmth of Tuscany?

What better way to hasten the spring!

Finding the Designer Shoe Bargains

Manolo says, our friend, Miss Plumcake gives invaluable advice on how to find beautiful shoes at the great prices.

I get a lot of people who ask me how I manage to have the things I do –particularly my shoes– with the job I have. Now ignoring for a moment that it’s kind of a rude question, I do have a bit of wisdom to share as to how I managed to amass a shoe collection worth more than what I earn in a year without hooking, selling my kidneys or getting into credit card debt. While finding thousand dollar shoes for a hundred dollars is a bit on the ambitious side of things, if you follow my lead (and learn from my mistakes) you will be well on your want to your own enviable shoe salon.

But you must immediately go and read the whole thing.


Mirna from BCBG Max Azria on the Sale

Mirna from BCBG Max AzriaMirna from BCBG Max Azria

Manolo says, who among us does not need the simple-but-attractive metallic sandals for those occasions when the little bit of snappy style is required?

And who among us does not appreciate the sale, especially one that reduces the beautiful shoes more than $80 off of their usual price?

Tahra from La Canadienne on the Sale

Tahra Boot from La Canadienne

Manolo says, not only do these boots, the Tahra from La Canadienne, have the virtue of being weatherproof (which is the important virtue, indeed, given the severity of this winter), but they also somewhat, if you squint, resemble the super fantastic Metropolitan Railway Boots about which the Manolo has recently blogged.

And look! They are on the sale, reduced more than $60 of the American dollars from the usual price!


Cole Haan Air Michelle Tall Shearling Boots on the Sale

Air Michelle Tall Shearling Boots from Cole Haan

Manolo says, Ayyyy! The weatherman, he is predicting the return of the snow!

What will you do?

What. Will. You. Do!


That is what you will do, boots!

Boots such as these snuggly-toasty warm, tall shearling boots from the Cole Haan, the Air Michelle, which are selling at the discount of more than $100 of the American dollars!


Elie Tahari Edita Boot on the Sale

Edita Boot from Elie TahariElie Tahari Edita Boots

Manolo says, if you are looking for the good quality, handsome, equestrian-style boot from the designer the Manolo admires, than you could not do much better than the Edita from the Elie Tahari.

Nor could you get it at the better bargain: $150 off of the regular price, the savings of more than 30%!

Karisse from La Canadienne For the Blizzard of the Century

Manolo says, outside it is 206 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit), and the snow is piled fifteen feets deep on the sidewalks, drifting to twenty-seven feets in the places.

But you have to go out to the Duane Reed because you need the milk, the toilet paper, the cat food, and maybe some smoky taupe eye-liner, because you have just read something at one of the beauty blogs, and you only have the smoky bisque color on the hand.

But you are in the quandary, because your flimsy, unlined rain boots, in the pinkish color, will not keep your feets warm. And the only other suitable feetwear are the fugly moon-boots you brought with you from Wisconsin, and you need to look your best, because you have heard that many of the major banks are closed because of the blizzard, and you suspect that there will be the hunky young investment bankers on the streets, having the spirited snowball fights. (This is Manhattan, yes?)

If only you had bought something practical and stylish, something like these Karisse boots from La Canadienne.

Karisse from La Canadienne

These are the sort of toasty-warm, weatherproof, feminine boots that, paired with the right smoky taupe eye treatment could win the heart of even the most jaded wunderkind.

Ayyyy! And look! They are on the sale! More than $115 of the American dollars off of the usual price!

Manolo the Columnist: Tartan Round-Toed Pump from Bettye Muller

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo:

I love print shoes, particularly Bettye Muller pumps. But they tend to cost a lot ($300 a pair, gosh), and are hard to match up with my outfits. Can you suggest a lower-priced print pump that’ll work with some holiday outfits —maybe a little black dress, some black tuxedo pants or even jeans? I don’t want any hoochie mama stuff, either – classy is best.


Manolo says, it is always this way, when Non-Specific Winter Holiday Period of Festivities Formerly Known as Christmas rolls around, one wishes to find the clothing that properly expresses the joy that is inherent in the season.

Unfortunately, for most Americans this means getting the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sweater and red velour sweatpants out of the storage closets and onto the carcass without leaving the comfort of their mobility scooters.

But not for the Manolo’s true friends, who follow the older tradition of festive seasonal clothing, which for the men requires brocaded waistcoats, colorful mufflers, and top hats festooned with sprigs of holly. (The sort of outfits that would melt the Scroogeish heart of any district manager during your annual efficiency review.)

And for the ladies, the Manolo loves to see them dressed up in opulent patterns and the rich embroidery, the tasteful warm clothing that brings good cheer to all. Even the Mothers of Hoochie strutting by in their red-and-green, skin-tight pleather mini-dresses will stop when they see you, reconsider their outfits, and go home and put on something decent.

Look here is the Bettye Muller Round-Toe Tartan Pump on sale at Neiman Marcus for only $214!

Ayyy! It is the Holiday Miracle!

Bettye Muller Tartan Round Toe Pump

Gift Guides for the Holidays!

Manolo says, the Manolo’s friends have been producing the gift guides to help ease the burden of finding the perfect gift…

Here are the few…

10 Easy Holiday Gifts for the Home

Green Gifts For Everyone on the List

Deals for Crafty People on Your List

Manly Gifts for Manly Men

La Petite Acadienne’s Fantasy Chrismakwanzikah

La Petite Acadienne’s Reality-Based Chrismakwanzikah

Classic Toy Recommendations for 2010

New Toy Recommendations for 2010

Eight Holiday Gifts for the Bride and Groom

At the Manolo for the Big Girl, our friend Miss Plumcake is entertaining us with ‘Tis the Season… the Advent-long series of gift guides for every type of person.

‘Tis The Season for the Classicist

‘Tis The Season for the Preppy Girl

‘Tis The Season for the Glamazon

‘Tis The Season for the Misunderstood Genius

Finally, allow the Manolo to call your attention to his internet friends at Bing, who have engaged the Brooke Burke, of television’s Dancing With The Stars, to produce the gift guides for the whole family which are certainly with your time to browse.


The Deals of the Cyber Monday!

Manolo says, if you are intent upon doing part of your shopping from the comfort of your own computer, the Manolo has the

At the ShoeBuy, you may take 20% off of your entire purchase and get the free shipping if you enter the coupon code “KICKOFF”.

Blundstone 500 - Stout Brown

Perhaps it is time to finally buy those classic Blundstone 500 boots for your man?


At the Shoes.com you may take 20% off of your entire purchase by entering at the checkout the coupon code “CYBER”.

Perhaps you can reward your own hard work in the run-up to the holidays with new shoes. These beautiful and happy-making Pucci shoes are already discounted 60%, and you may reduce it another 20%!

The Shopbop.com has the big discounts for the purchases, if you enter the coupon code “BIGEVENT” at the checkout.

Hunter Boots Verbier Wedge Boots with Lace Up Detail

Your daughter, the stylish one, might very well appreciate these wedge-heeled Hunter rain-boots with the lace-up details.

Of the course, many other retailers have the amazing Cyber Monday deals, retailers such as the Amazon, the Famous Footwear (coupon code “CYBER20”), the Soft Surroundings (coupon code “2211022”), the Brooks Brothers, and the Bluefly, also the Rock and Republic and the Kenneth Cole stores at the eBay.


Thigh-High Boots for the Poor Girl

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has asked him the question.

Dear Manolo,

After resisting the trend for nearly a year, I feel I can no longer wait. I need, need, need a pair of thigh-high boots. The problem is, I’m a poor working girl, and my budget is limited. Can you please help?


It is true the thigh-high boots have been everywhere the Manolo has looked this past year, including on the Papa Hemingway’s great-granddaughter Dree (in the very not safe for the work, photo shoot in Purple). So, yes, the pirate strumpet look is au courant.

As usual, the Manolo would recommend saving your monies until you can afford the truly super fantastic over-the-knee boots. But given the cost of such boots, and how long the trend has been going, there is the strong risk of purchasing the boots just as they go out of style.

And, besides, the Manolo sympathizes with the poor girls, indeed, he knows what it is like to be so poor that you must fashion your own super fantastic pirate boots out of long pieces of tar paper and galvanized roofing tacks left in the dumpster behind the Piggly Wiggly when the roofers had finished.

So, allow the Manolo recommend to you these boots…

Donnie Over-the-Knee Boots from Dolce Vita

The Donnie Over-the-Knee Boot from Dolce Vita, which are selling for around $260 of the American dollars, more than $60 off of the usual price.

Trust the Manolo, unless you can find the good bargain on the quality boots, you should not be buying the thigh-high boots that cost less than this.

Such cheap boots are most often made of synthetic materials by infant labor in the foreign gulag, all things which will bring down upon you bad karma in the form of difficult to eradicate toenail fungus and potential reincarnation as Russell Brand.

Thus, cheap boots are no bargain.

Aurele from Beverly Feldman On the Sale!

Aurele from Beverly Feldman

Manolo says, here is the Aurele from Beverly Feldman. The kicky ballerina flat with the charming little flower details that Manolo thinks would look most excellent with the black trousers.

This is the sort of shoe the Manolo considers the “transitional shoe,” something that will take you smoothly from the late summer into the early fall in the fine style. And look! It is on the sale, reduced $70 of the American dollars from its usual price.