Bernardo Sandals on the Sale

Manolo says, you are perhaps saying, “But Manolo, it is winter! The worst winter since like forever! My mailman was eaten by a yeti, so I’m not even sure I’ll get that box of emergency supplies I ordered from that nice company in Utah. And now you want me to buy sandals?”

To which the Manolo would answer, “Yes, it is bad, very bad, Yukon Cornelius bad, but the Manolo assures you that the spring will soon arrive, and you will be needing the fabulous Bernardos, which may now be purchased at the excellent prices.”

Mojo Sandals from BernardoMojo Sandal from Bernardo

The Bernardo Mojo is selling at $42 off of the usual price, the savings of more than 30%!

Matrix Sandals from BernardoMatrix Sandals from Bernardo

The Matrix Sandal from Bernardo, 30% off of the usual price.

Must Stone from BernardoMust Stone from Bernardo

And the Must Stone from Bernardo, selling for more than $70 off of the usual price!

Certainly the box of dehydrated lasagna and freeze-dried carrots will help you make it to the thaw, but would you not prefer to open the package from Zappos containing the sandals from Bernardo, handsome and practical sandals that savor of the warmth of Tuscany?

What better way to hasten the spring!