Everything, It is Coming Up Roses!

Manolo says, this it is one of the reasons the Manolo he loves the internet, shoe blogging for the gardeners!


The Boots of the Cowboys

Manolo says, here is the article from Times of the New York about the increasing popularity of the boots of the Cowboys.

Western boots worn out of season represent “a really strong trend, one that still is gaining momentum,” said Michael Atmore, the editorial director of Footwear News, a trade weekly. And to judge by the number of boot makers who have added Western models to their lineups, Mr. Atmore said, “a lot of companies are banking on the look for spring, summer and fall.”

It is something of a paradox that the Western boot, a classic emblem of Americana, derived much of its latest currency from the streets of London, where style-setting neo-bohemians like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller were snapped earlier this year wearing boots with flounced tunics or peasant skirts. Stateside, early adopters, flaunting boots as counterweight to the summer’s wispy skirts, led to a spike in sales.

The clamor for summer boots prompted the Frye Company to raid its archives and reissue discontinued looks like the Daisy Duke, its onetime signature Western style. The company, which is privately owned, does not release sales figures but forecast that its boot business would more than double this year. Jim McCormick, the president of the company, said that a substantial portion of that growth “is reliant on brisk sales of boots in the traditionally slow months from February through August.”

As often as not, the most prized boots are vintage models.

Of the course, this it is not the news to the Manolo. He has long said that every super fantastic girl needs the pair of the boots of the cowboy, and he has always recommended the most traditional of these boots, something like these handsome boots of the Lucchese below, because these traditional boots have always, and will always, weather the fickle winds of fashion.

Lucchese - N4540 (Tan Mad Dog Goat) - Women's  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Lucchese - G9706 (Chocolate Cashmere Suede) - Women's

These boots they will be worn for many years to come.


From the Archives of the Manolo: The Cheap and the Ugly

Manolos says, the Manolo he is often asked the question, “Manolo, what sort of the shoe should I absolutely not wear?”

This question, it is so easy to answer. Under no of the circumstances should you ever wear the ugly shoes or the cheap shoes.

The Manolo, he knows that the temptation for the cheap shoes, it is great. What with the rent and the foods and the many different bills, you are finding it difficult to get by on what “the man” he pays you.

So, you are the shopping when you see these boots, selling for under fifty of the dollars.

Gabriella Rocha - Hedy (Black) - Women's   Manolo Does Not Like!   Do Not Click!

Yes it is the knee-length boot, in the black. It’s not the best looking boot, but you only have fifty of the dollars, and like all of the super fantastic girls you need the boots in the black knee-length, so you ask the shopgirl to get it for you in the your size.

Manolo shouts, NOOOooooo!

Do not, under any of the circumstances, give in to the temptation and buy this boot!

It is the cheap, cheap, cheap, manufactured in the China with the plastic and the leather made from the roadkilled pets! It will not fit properly, it will fall apart quickly, and it looks only okay, not the super fantastic.

Manolo says, you will always regret the purchasing of the cheap shoes.

Manolo he reminds you that the cheap it is different from the inexpensive, from the bargain. Who does not love the bargain? The bargain, it is the classic, super fantastic shoe at the good price.

The cheap it is the the awful shoe at any price.

Manolo says, the second sort of shoe you should never consider the wearing of, is the ugly shoe.

Birkenstock Boston Microfiber   Manolo Hates!  Do Not Click!

The Manolo he does not need to say any more.

Kenneth Cole on the Sale

Kenneth Cole Seem Up   Brown Calf   Manolo Likes!  Click!Kenneth Cole Seem Up  Dark Brown Suede  Manolo Likes!  Click!Kenneth Cole Seem Up   Black Calf   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, the Manolo he has recommened this simple but elegant boot from the Kenneth Cole before, but now it is on the sale, reduced over 50% to below $100 of the American dollars! Truly it is the mighty bargain.


Ciuti Boots on the Sale

Claudia Ciuti - Lino (Tan Deerskin)   Manolo Likes!   Click!Claudia Ciuti - Lino (Dark Brown Deerskin)   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, these beautiful boots of the Claudia Ciuti they are on the sale, nearly 50% off of the usual price. There is even the matching handbag.

The Smart Bargains

Manolo says, one of the places of the online that the Manolo he has recently discovered for the bargain shoe shopping is the This place it often has the beautiful designer shoes at the inexpensive prices.

For the example, this pair of the classic Prada riding boots, they are over 50% off of the usual price.

US 7 / EUR 37  Prada Women's Brown Leather Riding Boot   Manolo Likes! Click!

Yes, as with many of the interent shoe bargains, the selection of the sizes it is limited. In the case of these boots to only the size six or the size seven, but if this it is your size, this it is the quality item that will long be the part of your wardrobe.

Here is another of the shoe bargains, this one for the big-feeted girl.
YSL Rive Gauche Open Toe Pump   Manolo Likes!  Click!

This open toe pump from the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Guache, it is only available in the size eleven, but this shoe it is selling for 65% off of the regular price.

The selection of the shoes at the it is not especially wide, however, the prices they cannot be bested, and until the end of the month of the May, if you purchase more than the $300 of the American dollars worth of the goods, the SmartBargains they will give you the additional $30 off of the purchase price! This it is indeed the most super fantastic and super smart bargain.

May $30 off $300 120x60 Static


Claudia Ciuti on the Sale

Claudia Ciuti - Lia (Black Suede/Tan Kid) - Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, these boots from the Claudia Ciuti they have the aggressive styling that would make them perfect to wear with something black, and sexy.

Even the better, they are on the sale! 45% off!


From the Archives of the Manolo: The Goat Ropers

Manolo says, if the boots of the cowboys they are too rustic for you, there is another, more uptown option that the Manolo he has recommended in the past.

*****From the Archives of the Manolo*****
Isaac Mizrahi - Safra (Whiskey Suede) - Women's   Manolo Likes!   Click!

Manolo says, the cowboy friends of the Manolo (yes, the Manolo he has the cowboy friends, from the Tejas. Does not everyone?) the cowboy friends they call these boots “The Goat Ropers”, because they are used by the cowboys to rope the goats.

Ahh, says the Manolo, but are the cowboys from the Tejas who are roping the goats wearing the Isacc Mizrahi goat ropers? The Manolo, he thinks not.


Manolo says, these boots, like the boots of the Lucchese below, they are simple and traditional, although the Isaac Mizrahi he has put his own spin on them.


Cowboy Up!

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

I have a question for you. I am a girl with rather large feet (11-12 american sizing), and I’m looking for a pair of cowboy boots. They can’t be too jokey or too fake, and they can’t call attention to the large size of my feet any more than necessary. Any suggestions?

The Manolo he has received many letters from his internet friends over the past few weeks begging the Manolo for the help with the big and the wide feets. In the next day or the two, the Manolo he will provide some assistance.

For the now, however, the Manolo he wishes to speak of the boots of the cowboys.

Manolo says, it is one of the rules of the Manolo that every super fantastic girl, she needs at the least one pair of the boots of the cowboy. And if you are to own only the single pair you would be wise to to make them very traditional, so that when the fashion it changes (and it always changes) you will not have the pair of the hot-pink ostrich leather boots sitting idle in the closet.

For the Manolo, the boots of the cowboy they are about tradition and function.This it is why the Manolo he loves this basic, very traditional boot from the Lucchese.

Lucchese N4540    Manolo Likes!  Click!

It is so plain, but also so handsome that it calls to the Manolo with it’s palpable scent of the sagebrush.

However, the Manolo, he is also not immue to the call of the fancier boot with the modicum of the color, like this one below, also from the Lucchese.
Luchese N4535   Manolo Likes!  Click!

The colors in this boot, they are rich, and the decoration it is not, as the friend of the Manolo has said, “jokey” or “fake”. They are the good choice for the super fantastic girl who cannot resist the colorful boots.

By the way, just because the Manolo he has recommended the boots of the cowboy, it is not the license to go all praire chic on the Manolo, with the billowing skirt of denim and the jade jewlery and the and faux native American touches. Please, do not let this happen to you.

Manolo says, honor the spirit of the boots of the cowboys; keep your clothing simple and elegant when wearing them.

The Bluefly

Manolo says, if you are looking for the shoes on the internets and you are not looking at The Bluefly, you are not looking as carefully as you might be.

For the example these saucy boots by the Dolce and the Gabbana, they are on the sale at the Bluefly reduced 40%.
Dolce & Gabbana Boots    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, you must go to the Bluefly and look at the shoes, as they have shoes from many of the most super fantastic designers, like the Prada, and the Jimmy Choo, and the Christian Louboutin. Yes, perhaps their selection it is not terribly wide, but the bargains they nonetheless abound.


These Boot Were Made for The Walking!

Catwalk Queen!

Manolo shouts, work it, sister!

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend the Ed for pointing to this picture.


The Gotham City

Manolo says, one of the places the Manolo he loves to look for the super fantastic boots is at the website of the Gotham City Online.

Yes, on the one of the hands, at the Gotham City Online the sizes of the boots and the shoes available, they are frequently limited. However, on the other of the hands, the prices they are unbelievably low.

For the example, these super fantastic boots from the Coach, they have been reduced by the Gotham City over $130 of the American dollars, however, the are available only in the Americans sizes 8.5, 9, or 10.
Coach Boots    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Likewise these classic boots from the Frye, they are reduced 50%, but are only available in the sizes 6 and 6.5.
Frye Boots    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, there are many other bargains to be had at the Gotham City Online, from the JP Tods, and the Marc Jacobs, and the Michael Kors, and the others, however one must always be prepared to be disappointed by the capriciousness of the sizes available.