Jimmy Choo Marine Jeweled Ankle-Wrap Sandals for the Tuesday

Jimmy Choo Marine Jeweled Ankle-Wrap Sandals

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, in January, and the news of the world is depressing!

We need shoes! Beautiful shoes such as these absolutely gorgeous Marine be-jeweled ankle-wrap sandals from Jimmy Choo.

Why are these shoes called “Marine”? The Manolo does not know. Perhaps there is the small anchor and globe together with the words “semper fidelis” engraved on the sole.


Things That Make the Manolo Sad: Jimmy Choo Ugg

Manolo says, for the example, the misbegotten offspring of the Jimmy Choo and the Uggs.

Jimmy Choo Ugg Mandah


Finally, two great tastes that go together like chocolate and lutefisk! Lime jello and the iron filings! Broken glass and bubble bath!

All of this can be yours for the low, low, price of only…


Alanis Leopard Ankle Boots from Jimmy Choo for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and your long summer nightmare has finally ended; the children have gone back to school!

Celebrate with ridiculously leopardy boots from the Jimmy Choo!

Alanis Leopard-Print Calf Hair Ankle Boots from Jimmy Choo

School days, school days,
Good old Jimmy Choo days.
Readin’ and Writin’ and fashion shoes
All taught to the tune of the leopard boot.

P.S. Yes, it is true, the Manolo has been all about the big cats for the past few weeks, but few of the previous examples he has cited have been as super fantastic as this.


Jimmy Choo Glacier Mirror Leather Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are not at your desk, you are on vacation!

“Calloo, Callay,” you chortle in your joy, for you have slain the Jabber Boss!

Celebrate with beautiful shoes!

And so you surf on over to the Saks Fifth Ave to view the new arrivals, which you know to be always filled with the most exciting new shoes from the hoity-toity designers.

But, after the few minutes of looking you are depressed.

You are depressed because, while these expensive shoes are beautiful and exciting, they are also undeniably autumnal, in somber tones of black and brown, which depresses you because you are reminded that your life of freedom from work is fleeting, and that in the mere two weeks, as the fall approaches, you will return to the office, like the small child to the much despised school room.


And now, your vacation will have the slight tang of bitter ashes, all of your frolics tainted by the knowledge of what awaits at the end.

Wait…what is this?

Jimmy Choo Glacier Mirror Leather Sandals

It is the Jimmy Choo Glacier Mirror Leather Sandals, the beautifully elegant pair of evening sandals, perfect for wearing to those the sultry, evening soirees!

And suddenly, perhaps you are not so sad, for you have rememberd that it is the hardships of life that make its pleasures so much the sweeter…Or, so you will tell yourself as you count the days until the end of your vacation.


Jimmy Choo Patent Leather Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk, adding your tuppence to our blighted economy.

Oddly, this morning you are bright and sunny and full of cheer, happy to be out of your house and back at your job. You say, “oddly”, but in reality, it is not so “oddly”. You are happy to be back at the desk because your sister-in-law and her brood have been visiting for the past week, and frankly you need the break.

It is not that your in-laws are the bad people, for indeed, taken in the small doses, your husband’s sister Kristin and her husband Ryan, and their three kids, Wednesday, Pugsly, and Prince Michael III, are the delightfully quirky and amusing peoples.

Unfortunately, by the fourth day, some of their oddball charm had begun to wear off, as you realize that you have become the slave to their ravenous hunger for clean towels and home-cooked meals.

But, let us not go there. Let us in the stead celebrate the joys of family! Let us remember that we have often been guests at their house, enjoying their towels and the contents of their refrigerator. Let us also remember that their flight home leaves early tomorrow morning!

Look! Beautiful shoes to make the time between now and that happy minute fly like the wind…

It is the Jimmy Choo Patent Leather Sandal, simple, sexy and fun.


Jimmy Choo Mercury Mix For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are back at your desk grumbling about the various and sundry injustices of the workplace.

Naturally, when you get to feeling so put upon and grumbly, you turn to the interwebs to provide you with the five or six minutes of mindless entertainment, and what (other than the lolcats) could be more amusing than pictures of beautiful shoes, as delivered by the strange person with the odd way of writing?

And so, while doing the little bit of virtual windowshopping at your favorite shoe blog you come across these Jimmy Choo Mercury Mix sandals the name of which makes you laugh out loud…

They make you laugh out loud because you are your father’s daughter, and so you well remember this person…



Jimmy Choo Quaker Elaphe Snake Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and you are back piloting your desk into the familiar waters of corporate drudgery. But, such is the fate to which you have consigned yourself, certain in the knowledge that you are helping your family, even as you climb the ladder of career satisfaction.

Thankfully, the very computer that has enslaved you to it’s whims and emails, also delivers to you moderately humorous amusements to relieve the pressure, amusements such as the humble shoe blog of the Manolo where you will be able to ponder beautiful conundrums such as these shoes…

Jimmy Choo Quaker Elaphe Snake Sandals

The Quaker Elaphe Snake Sandals from Jimmy Choo.

Quaker? What Quaker?

All of the Friends you know, like that prematurely gray-headed girl down at the health food store, would never wear these shoes, not in the million years. Indeed, these good people, who are ostentatiously, aggressively, humble in dress and manner, have the ability to make you feel guilty because you are not bicycling furiously to weekly social justice meetings where they will serve vegan ginger snaps and kambucha, and show slides about their community recycling efforts in Ecuador.

No, no, these shoes are only suitable for the more enthusiastic religious tradition, such as Semi-Reformed Long Island Russian Judaism, or Nouveau Riche Louisiana Pentecostalism, maybe Americanized Southern California Hinduism, or Nia Vardalos Greek Orthadoxism, the celebratory faith of the people who like to get dressed up and carry on expressively before God, like David in the linen ephod.

And then there is the whole problem of the Elaphe Snake. Who has heard of the elpahe snake? But the quick Googling reveals…

Well, at least that makes sense. Who wants to wear the black rat snake sandals?


Lizard Embossed Peep-Toes from Jimmy Choo For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk working hard to insure that your family does not go without the latest cell phones, the newest laptops computers, and the new flat screen television in every room in the house (well, maybe not the three and the half bathrooms). Yes, you are leaving the house at seven-thirty every morning, and then trading away your precious time so that your family can distract itself to death, so that your teenagers can develop well-muscled, dexterous thumbs, and your husband can watch sporting events at any hour of the day.

Remember when you were the little kid and your uncles and aunts would sometimes get together at your grandparents’ house, where they would drink highballs and smoke cigarettes and entertain each other with funny stories and old songs?

Your relatives had these hilarious tales they would tell each other, properly embellished with wild gestures and perfect mimicry. Your Uncle Bill’s were the best. And even though all the cousins were racing around the yard, in and out of the house, playing various games, when Uncle Bill started talking about his time in the Army and his crazy friends, you sat right down on the floor and listened to him, because it was like the funniest episode of Sgt. Bilko ever made. Better even.

And now he is gone. And so are your grandparents, and Dad, and the few others you desperately miss.

But that is the nature of things. You get old and you miss how things used to be.


Perhaps you need to look at some pictures of beautiful shoes. Something simple, understated and elegant, something maybe your grandmother, who was the great beauty, would have worn when she was younger.

Something like these classic Jimmy Choo Lizard-Embossed Peep-Toe Mary Janes.

Jimmy Choo Lizard-Embossed Mary Janes


Stella McCartney Mutant Birken-Heels Monster

Manolo says, perhaps it is time for the Manolo to revive the Gallery of the Horrors

Stella McCartney Cork and Faux Leather SandalsStella McCartney Cork and Faux Leather Sandals

These are not just the simple Birkenstocks-which-have-mated-with-stilettos-thus-violating-all-that-is-holy , but rather the pleather Birkenstocks-meets-the-stilettos, and not just made-from-faux-leather Birken-stilettos, but also the $625 fake leather, mutant Birken-heels.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, $625 American dollars can get you these….

Jimmy Choo Suave Satin Sandals

The Jimmy Choo Suave Satin Sandals, with almost enough change left over to buy these…

Elie Tahari Carlise Flat Sandal

The Elie Tahari Carlise flat sandals.

Of the course, the Manolo would never object to paying this much for beautiful shoes. But for ugly shoes which pay homage to the crunchy granola shoes for pretentious peasants, and which are made of petroleum by-products? Never!

Via the New York Daily News


Jimmy Choo Zero Mirror Platform Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk doing that thing that you do. It was the closely run thing, your making it to your place of work this morning. You are not feeling especially well at the moment, and are certain you are coming down with that hacking, sniffling, achy-breaky cold with which your spouse and children are afflicted. (Indeed, it is obviously going around, as even the Manolo has been felled by this late winter pestilence, and feels quite unwell as he types this missive to the world from his sickbed.)

But, you, on the other of the hands would not be stopped by the mere heavy-handed hint of approaching illness, not when there is the important project due at work, and not when staying home means yet one more day caring for the crotchety, cranky, demanding patients at home.

“Mooooooom, can you get me a glass of water.”

“Hon, can you bring me a bowl of soup.”

“Moooooom, my head hurts.”

“Hon, come feel my head. I think I’m feverish.”

“Mooooom, can you get me another blanket?”

“Hon, can you get the remote control to the TV, I’ve dropped in on the floor by the bed.”

You should probably be taking it easy at home on the couch, although you would be getting even less rest, but this morning you gulped down the giant glass of orange juice, and the fistful of over-the-counter medications, and homeopathic snake oils, and toddled off to work, your sinuses feeling like the burlap bag full of badgers.

What you need now is five seconds of looking at beautiful shoes, to soothe your nerves and distract you from your incipient headache.

Look here is the from the Zero Mirror Platform Sandal Jimmy Choo!

Jimmy Choo Zero Mirror Platform Sandals

Ayyyy! Tonic for the body and soul!


Jimmy Choo Embellished Ankle-Wrap Sandals For the Friday Night

Jimmy Choo Embellished Ankle Wrap Sandals

Manolo says, the Manolo admits to having had the mostly blah reaction to the recent rise of the ankle-bootie-sandal trend. Perhaps this is because the Manolo had not yet seen these spectacular Jimmy Choo Embellished Ankle Wrap Sandals!

Are they shoes? Are they booties? Are they sandals? Who cares! They are gorgeously super fantastic!