Holiday Shoes 2010: Spangly Ankle-Strap Pumps from DSquared2

Ankle Strap Pump DSquared2

Manolo says, it is the season of parties! You need party shoes!

Behold, amusing, spangly, ankle strap pumps from DSquared2 for your parties!

The Manolo’s work here is done.

Holiday Shoes 2010: Beverly Feldman Enchanted

Beverly Feldman Enchanted

Manolo says, just in time for the final round of holiday parties, the aptly named Enchanted from Beverly Feldman!

Holiday Shoes 2010: Stuart Weitzman Turalu

Turalu from Stuart Weitzman

Manolo says, perhaps you saying, “Ack! Manolo, this holiday shopping madness is crushing me! Show me something simple, something pretty, something I might actually wear!”

Et voila, the Turalu from the Stuart Weitzman. Simple. Wearable. Pretty.

Manolo the Columnist: Tartan Round-Toed Pump from Bettye Muller

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo:

I love print shoes, particularly Bettye Muller pumps. But they tend to cost a lot ($300 a pair, gosh), and are hard to match up with my outfits. Can you suggest a lower-priced print pump that’ll work with some holiday outfits —maybe a little black dress, some black tuxedo pants or even jeans? I don’t want any hoochie mama stuff, either – classy is best.


Manolo says, it is always this way, when Non-Specific Winter Holiday Period of Festivities Formerly Known as Christmas rolls around, one wishes to find the clothing that properly expresses the joy that is inherent in the season.

Unfortunately, for most Americans this means getting the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sweater and red velour sweatpants out of the storage closets and onto the carcass without leaving the comfort of their mobility scooters.

But not for the Manolo’s true friends, who follow the older tradition of festive seasonal clothing, which for the men requires brocaded waistcoats, colorful mufflers, and top hats festooned with sprigs of holly. (The sort of outfits that would melt the Scroogeish heart of any district manager during your annual efficiency review.)

And for the ladies, the Manolo loves to see them dressed up in opulent patterns and the rich embroidery, the tasteful warm clothing that brings good cheer to all. Even the Mothers of Hoochie strutting by in their red-and-green, skin-tight pleather mini-dresses will stop when they see you, reconsider their outfits, and go home and put on something decent.

Look here is the Bettye Muller Round-Toe Tartan Pump on sale at Neiman Marcus for only $214!

Ayyy! It is the Holiday Miracle!

Bettye Muller Tartan Round Toe Pump

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

Manolo says, in America is is the Election Day, and so, let us give the three cheers for the Red, the White and the Blue!

Sigerson Morrison Fold Over Boot

Christian Louboutin Tsar Platform Pump
Mulberry Postmans Lock Ankle Boot

And now, allow the Manolo to gently remind you, if you are the American, to do you civic duty.


Happy Sts Crispin and Crispinian’s Day!

Manolo says, Happy Sts. Crispin and Crispinian’s Day! The Patron Saints of Shoemakers! Today is the day to celebrate those hardworking peoples who bring us such inestimable joy.

Look, here from the Manolo’s internet friend the Coudre Mode, is the video of one of the cobblers at the John Fluevog making the shoe by hand…

Cana Pump from John Fluevog

The finished product, the Cana Pump in purplish.

One truly appreciates the shoes and the people who make them, when one sees how much work goes into them, no?


Valentino Studded T-Bar Lizard Pumps For The Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk unable to fully concentrate on your working, and it is all because of your husband, Gary, who has officially gone insane.

Frankly, this has been building for several years now, beginning in the early 1999 when Gary acquired the life-sized plastic skeleton at the yard sale.

For the first several months, Bony Bob resided behind the bar down in the Gary Cave, clutching the empty bottle of Schlitz, the half-smoked cigar clenched between his teeth.

However, when Halloween arrived that year, Gary brought Bob up the stairs, seated him in the lawn chair on the front porch and put the block of dry ice in the bucket of hot water beneath him. It was the simple but effective decoration, and many were the compliments that year, which, of the course, was all the encouragement your man needed.

The next year, Bony Bob was moved out to the lawn, into the ersatz graveyard made of styrofoam tombstones and cotton spiderwebs. The year after, marked the acquisition of the professional fog machine and the stuffed vulture. And 2003 saw the installation of the temporary sound system, from which issued, alternately, the ghostly sounds and the manic laughter (both recorded by Gary in the basement).

In 2005, Gary added sophisticated animatronics so that Bony Bob and the vulture, now named Petey, could move and talk. That year, your Halloween candy bill topped $200.

And then things got crazy, and now, planning for the Halloween begins in June, when Gary “conceptualizes” the display using computer drafting tools and scale models of your house and lawn. Of the course, he does not share his plans with anyone until the unveiling, and indeed, right now your front lawn is shrouded behind the 12′ screens he erected last week.

Last year, your house, which had the nearly full-sized pirate ship on the lawn, Cap’n Bony Bob at the wheel, Petey next to him, made the front page of the local paper, and was featured on the News at Six.

And so naturally, Gary vowed to outdo himself, but you have begun to get worried, because you have not seen him for three days, just heard the furious construction noises and noticed the giant pile of empty beer cans in the recycling bin.

“Gary, honey,” you shouted over the screen this morning, “don’t you think you should come in and take break.”


You know what you need now? Shoes, beautiful, unusual, very trendy shoes…

Valentino Studded T-Strap Lizard Pumps

Like these Valentino Studded T-Bar Lizard Pumps which all of the girls in Paris (where Halloween is not such the big deal) are wearing.

Six Years of Shoeblogging: Shoes With Which to Overawe the Natives

N.B. In honor of the Manolo’s six years of shoeblogging, the Manolo has decided to repost this week some of his favorite pieces.

This post, in which the Manolo responds to the inquiry from one of his dearest internet friends, first appeared on March 13th, 2007

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s dear internet friends has asked him the question.

Querido Manolo,

I have just received an invitation to present a paper in Helsinki this summer at a conference on the laws of war. This means that I shall be the only twenty-something-year-old female in a hall full of big, gruff, snarly, manlymen. Since genetic constitution and chromosomal make-up render it impossible for me to project an image of gruff, snarly, girlitude, I prefer to present myself as both a lover and a fighter. Could you please recommend a pair of show-stopping shoes that would convey this image?

Further considerations:
(1) Price and heel altitude are distant seconds to superfantasticness.
(2) I think it’s time for me to buy my first Manolos.

If you decide to post this query, could you please leave my name out? Muchisimas gracias!

With warmest wishes from frosty NYC,

Manolo says, mucho-macho, snarly, gruffy-huffy, law-of-war manly men? In Finland?

Oy, to the Manolo this does not sound like fun. Indeed, it sounds as if the Manolo’s nameless friend is riding out to the annual Mongol Golden Horde company picnic, featuring all the roast badger and curdled mares’ milk you can eat, followed by the spirited game of “Kick the Head”.

In this case, she should do as the Manolo does when forced to participate in the strange native rites, behave as if you were the eccentric 19th century British explorer.

Be polite, be friendly, be sympathetic, but make it clear to the cannibalistic savages, through your dress and your comportment, that you represent the superior culture, one which offers these benighted souls the benefits of indoor plumbing and the afternoon tea.

Thus, when the lawyers of war offer you the drink of honeyed mead in the polished skull of their slain-in-battle senior partner, you must sip politely, and smilingly promise them, in your best Queen’s English, that you will return soon with the Royal Navy gunboat and destroy their God-forsaken way of life.

Of the course, in the meantime, the Manolo’s friend must dress in the manner that shows them that she is the powerful and important person in her own culture, one who must not be trifled with (or, at the least, one who must not be cut up and tossed into the bubbling cauldron of lunch.)

What better way to do this than with the aggressively beautiful shoes?

Here are two classic pairs of the Maestro Manolo Blahnik’s shoes that one should not live without.

Carolyne by Manolo Blahnik   Manolo Loves!  CLICK!Carolyne by Manolo Blahnik   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Either in the mid-heel or the high-heel, in the dark brown or the black, these shoes are serious enough for the everyday work, and yet, kick-ass enough to quell the native insurrection.

If one truly wishes to leave the savages speachless, however, then the Manolo suggests these slightly less practical pumps from the Christian Louboutain.

Louboutin Metallic Python Pumps

Metallic python?

Expected reaction: “Ooooooh, shiny! Lawyer Grog think pretty lady in glittery snake shoes have mighty mojo. Must listen attentively to presentation.”


Manolo the Columnist: Avea from Circa by Joan & David

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Has The Manolo forgotten (or is he ignoring) the fact that the world as we know it today is in a recession-depression? Most (nearly all) of the shoes The Manolo recommends to ladies in dire need of shoe advice are exorbitantly priced. I make nearly six figures and I, today, would not buy $300+ shoes just because it’s not smart. I’m not even sure I’d buy them if the economy was flush with buying power like it was, say, back in 2005 or 6. Perhaps The Manolo should consider shoes that are still stylish yet moderately priced and very well made.


Manolo says, ayyyy! It is true, the Manolo is the dreamer who loves to consider the most beautiful shoes, regardless of the outrageous prices the designers would charge for them.

However, even as the Manolo dreams, he is not unsympathetic to the impoverished cries of his many friends. Indeed, he understands exactly what it is like to have to tighten one’s belt so tight that the buckle rubs up against the backbone, to be so poor that one must fashion one’s own super fantastic shoes out of the cardboard cartons from the Chinese takeout place in whose dumpster you dined the previous evening.

Of the course, it is best to look for the quality shoes on the sale, oftentimes, however, necessity demands stylish shoes when the pocketbook is at its thinnest. In such cases the Manolo would recommend something like the Avea by Circa from Joan and David, the reasonably priced shoe that stands out from the crowd.

Avea by Circa from Joan and David

Blahnik Flower Toe Suede Pump to Welcome the Autumn

Manolo says, the Manolo will allow the Keats to speak for him…

Where are the songs of Spring? Ay, where are they?
Think not of them, thou hast thy music too —

Manolo Blahnik Flower-Toe Suede Pump

And what could be more lyrically beautiful than autumnal suede pumps from the Maestro Manolo Blahnik?

Sigerson Morrison Asymmetrical Red Suede Pumps for the Wednesday

Sigerson Morrison Asymetrical Cross-strap Pumps

Manolo says, it is Wednesday! It is all down the hill from here to the weekend, and what better way to speed it’s progress than with the beautiful red shoes, such as these sophisticated asymmetrical red pumps from Sigerson Morrison?