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The Manolo’s The Consolation of the Shoes is published by the New Pamphleteer, an internet-based publishing company that seeks to filter out and preserve whatever is worth preserving from the great digital stream of the web and give it a second life in print. And because pamphlets are the ideal form for this purpose, they offer an ongoing series of pocket-sized booklets that can be read in an hour and that tell you exactly as much as you need to know on an eclectic range of topics�no more and no less.

Who are the Pamphleteers?

We are professional book editors impatient with the timidity and calculating commercialism of big publishers when it comes to the expression of challenging ideas. No one knows better than us that inside every $30 hardover there is a lean, mean, tautly argued pamphlet screaming to get out. In today�s digitized, rapid-fire, ADD culture, pamphlets are the natural medium for the expression of timely, original and challenging ideas and arguments. We are determined to offer a new way for writers with something to say to reach the people who want to hear it.

ADAM BELLOW (president and editorial director) is a 20-year publishing veteran with a well-earned reputation as an against-the-grain contrarian. The editor of such infamous tomes as Illiberal Education, The Real Anita Hill, and Charles Murray�s The Bell Curve, he played a pivotal role in the conservative intellectual revolt of the 80s and 90s. Yet he has never been a political partisan, and has also published books attacking the conservative movement from both left and right. His congenital weakness for cranks, eccentrics, autodidacts, independent scholars, and other intellectual outriders is what led him to establish The New Pamphleteer.

DAVID S. BERNSTEIN (vice president and publishing director) is a veteran entrepreneur and publishing hand. He was co-founder and executive vice president of, and founding editor of Diversity and Division magazine. He has posted editorial stints at The Free Press, SmartMoney, and John Wiley & Sons.

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