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Prada for the 8 1/2 Size Foots

Prada White Leather Slides    Manolo Likes!   Click!

Manolo says, these beautiful slides from the Prada, they are only available in the size 8 1/2, however, they are on deep discount sale at the LoveMyBag.com, where they are selling for only $140 of the American dollars!

Truly, if you are the size 8 1/2 this is indeed the super fantastic bargain.

Of the course, if you are not the size 8 1/2, the Manolo he can only offer you the shoulder of consolation, and the wry look of knowing comisseration.

Fourteen Maids of the Bride!

Manolo says, so the crazy Georgia bride she just up and ran away before the wedding.

A Georgia bride-to-be who vanished just days before her wedding turned up in New Mexico and fabricated a tale of abduction before admitting Saturday that she got cold feet and “needed some time alone,” police said.

Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, was in police custody more than 1,420 miles from her home on what was supposed to be her wedding day Saturday.

“It turns out that Miss Wilbanks basically felt the pressure of this large wedding and could not handle it,” said Randy Belcher, the police chief in Duluth, Ga., the Atlanta suburb where Wilbanks lives with her fiance. He said there would be no criminal charges.

Far be it from the Manolo to be the person to cast the stone at this poor woman, and her crazy fleeing ways, however, this detail it caught the eye of the Manolo.

The wedding was going to be a huge bash. The couple had mailed 600 invitations, and the ceremony was to feature 14 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen.

Fourteen maids of the bride! This it is madness!

By the comparison, the Princess Diana she only had five maids of the bride. The Jackie O. when she was the Jackie B. and married the JFK, she had only ten of the maids of the bride.

Manolo says, although the Manolo he is usually in favor of the opulence and the luxury, it is nonetheless the rule of the Manolo that if the girl she feels the need to have more than ten maids of the bride–more than the Jackie O. (nee B.) needed to marry the JFK–she should not be getting married.

Perhaps this rule it sounds too harsh, but it has been the experience of the Manolo that for the girls who demand the most super gigantic of the fairytale weddings, the wedding itself frequently becomes more important than the marriage.

This it is not to say that the big wedding it is in itself bad, but rather it is to say that for the bride who demands the perfect day of the wedding, to the point of either inciting the hatred of those around them, or to the point of wanting to runaway and leave the poor parents thinking she has been murdered, something it is wrong.

The wedding day it is to be the day of joy, and its approach should be greeted with the gladness and the earnest longing for its arrival. If the planning of the wedding has become the ordeal to be endured one must step back and reconsider the necessity of the fourteen maids of the brides.

Mizrahi for the Weekend

Isaac Mizrahi - Tavia (Nude Straw)   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Isaac Mizrahi - Tricia (Peach Suede)  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Isaac Mizrahi - Taniel (Green Grosgrain)  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, it is the Friday. Time to kick off the shoes of obligation and put on the shoes of fun! And the shoes of the Isaac Mizrahi, they are nothing if not fun.

Tonsil Hockey with the Darth Tater

Manolo says, like many of the childhood stars, the Mr. Potatohead he is desperate to “update” his image, dressing in the black, showing he can play the villian, and dating the notable Hollywood tramp.

Cathy Horyn and The Fashion Bloggers

Manolo says, there is the very astute article written by the fashion reporter the Cathy Horyn in the Times of the New York about the six young influential Paris-based designers.

The article it is very much worth the reading in the entirity, however for the Manolo these paragraphs they leaped out at him.

You don’t have to be a fan of the reality show “Project Runway” to appreciate that fashion has become more and more populist. This is the age, after all, of the adolescent designer, the celebrity designer, the hip-hop designer, and the claimants have been as varied as Sean Combs and Esteban Cortazar, who was 18 when he held his first show.

And though fashion, like politics, is still an insider’s game, with its own addicts and agenda-setting editors, nothing, it seems, can compete with the authentic judgment of bloggers and Web viewers.

This it is to the knowledge of the Manolo the first time that any person in the Media of the Mainstream has acknowledged the role that the bloggers have begun to play in the setting of the fashion agenda.

The Manolo he is confident in predicting that the fashion blogging, it is only in its infancy, and that it will grow in the importance over the coming two or three years. Indeed, look for more of the fashion industry insiders to begin their own blogs.

In the meantime, the Manolo he points you to the links on the right side of this page where you may find links to many of the Manolo’s favorite fashion bloggers. If you know of any others that are worthy of the inclusion in this list please let the Manolo know.

Flowers for the Springtime

Manolo says, the shoes of the other Manolo, the Maestro Manolo, they are indeed incomparable.

Manolo Blahnik Floral Brocade SlingbacksManolo Blahnik Floral SlingbacksManolo Blahnik Daisy Denin Slide

This it is the veritable garden of the most super fantastic shoes!

The Hasselhoff Trenchcoat!

Manolo shouts, Hasselhoff! In the black leather trenchcoat!

And, as the special bonus, the story about the Hasselhoff and the Mrs. Hasselhoff snogging in the public!

David Hasselhoff and his loving wife gave a very public show of their love with a nauseating game of tonsil tennis at a celebrity bash in LA.The Hoff and missus Pamela arrived at the Race To Erase MS gala – before a sloppy, soggy impromptu snog in front of the paparazzi.The couple – wearing ‘classy’ matching black leather outfits – were all over each other like a couple of lovestruck teenagers before heading into the Century Plaza Hotel.

Yes, it is true, the Hasselhoff he is very much the romantic.

Feet Me

Manolo says, here is the website from the Germany that has many pictures of the shoes of the stars of the rock and the roll.

The Deep Blue Sea

Giuseppe Zanotti baby blue leather thongs with inlay detaill

Manolo says, this shoe from the Giuseppe Zanotti, it reminds the Manolo of the ocean off the St. Kitts.

From the New Yorker

Manolo says this cartoon, it is indeed most true.

Ho Ho Ho

Manolo says, the Nicolette she is like the hard plastic Christmas ornament from the Playboy collection.

Coach on the Sale

Coach  Neena Sandal   Light Blue    Manolo Likes!   Click!Coach Stephanie Sandal    Manolo Likes!  Click!Coach Brenda Sandal    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, these summery sandals from the Coach, they are on the sale at the Gotham City Online, all are selling for under the $100 of the American dollars.

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